After Action Report Rancocas Creek Forum

  Forum participants volunteered thoughts about framing the Discovery School as a logical outgrowth of the Book Fair& Forum, citing input from the forum participants who emphasized the importance of leveraging the natural attributes of the creek and RP’s NWT initiative, as a means of providing unique learning and recreational opportunities for area youths.     Hands-on, Education (Learning is Fun, Naturally, Programs), Incubator, Guided Kayak Excursions, Naturally, Individual and Group Recreation, Workshops,  and more.     A sense of place, Rancocas Discovery School, Managed by Rancocas Pathways, WHERE A RISING TIDE Lifts all boats.     In a timely response to this consensus view within the community, RP’s board of directors has approved the planning and development of a ‘Rancocas Discovery School’ along the creek at a location to be determined.  To this end, John Anderson has been directed to begin evaluating several sites along the creek, to include a significant focus on historic Mt. Holly; where an active partnership exists with the city’s recreation department and where local officials have expressed strong support of RP’s engagement with area youths and families and outspoken support for national water trail designation.   The Idea of Real-World Programming for the Rancocas Discovery School emerged as a “natural” outgrowth of the Rancocas Creek Forum.

Rancocas Pathways: Where a rising tide lifts all boats….and boots *

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