Client Care – Professional Guides vs. Recreational Activities

Client Care sets Professional Guides apart from Recreational Activities. A professional relationship occurs when a guide put aside their personal ambitions and places the clients need’s and desire first and foremost. In recreational activities the implication each participant takes responsibility for their own safety, comfort and experience.

Professional Guides act independently and make decisions for clients based on clients wishes, abilities and hazards. Choosing suitable location is a basic and fundamental baseline for managing client comfort and safety.

The difference between a recreational leader and a professional guide is clearly observable in techniques and systems used that anchor a standard of care provided by the professional guide.

Professional guides are stewards of the environment in which we travel and work. This ethic allows us to respect the environment but also to pass it on to clients and guests so they too gain respect of the environment and then are responsible for the environment.

Pass on to clients and guests “Leave No Trace” principles, facilitate guests and clients interest and appreciation in protecting and restoring the environment and responsible public access.

Professional guides are pro-active in informing themselves and thus clients and guests local issues, management policies, regulations, and ways to protect and restore the environment. Establish a good working relationship w local stakeholders so that land managers are aware that Professional Guides and their guests and clients are responsible and accountable users on a multi-use resource. That we can be depended on to assisting in protecting the resource while enhancing accountable public access.

Take time to educate clients and guests on guided trips and excursions. Incorporate clients/guests w planning and preparation; right equipment; minimize impacts; help w proactive awareness; protect water, land, plants, animals, public access (practice Leave No Trace); promote living culture and heritage; consider impact of large groups on the resource; Do not approach or disturb wildlife and Professional Guides understand one’s actions and those of clients and guests will impact public access.

Cultivate a personal ethic that guests and clients can understand. Mentor individuals as much as possible. Coach clients and guests in a respectful manner and fashion.

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