Mental Health Benefits of an Inclusive Outdoor Escape

Very informative article on the benefits of outdoor recreation benefits to one’s mental health; one’s psyche; and on how to enhance one’s beliefs in inclusion vs. exclusion.

Informative how people are discovering local resources are windows of opportunity to escape the maelstrom and chaos around us. That here is a place of safety; a place to regain one’s inner self; a feeling of calm and relaxation.

Follow this link to NY Times article on inclusion in outdoor recreation. For folks following the on-going saga of the Rancocas Creek nomination as a National Water Trail one envisions a day when public access and outdoor recreation is inclusive vs exclusive. There is nothing worse at least from my perspective on keeping that door; that barrier of inclusion closed to others.

We see these walls; we encounter these walls; we break down these walls; we crush these walls and end these barriers of entrenched exclusionary attitudes.

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