Don’t Broach on Rancocas Entrance Delaware River Shoals

gentleman boater yesterday had a really good point on the shoals and entrance. Put together some material and such…Following-up from yesterday Lighting Jack Entrance of Rancocas Creek Hawk Island Marina Paddle. Local boater pointed out a very good point. If you kayak the entrance of the Rancocas during boating season stay alert for motor boats and jet skis. Chop at entrance is knarly, very tight channel for kayakers to pass motor boats and jet skis coming into a “t” intersection. The further you get into shoals risks to kayaking increase. Kayaks get easily turned to side and fill w water (broach). Kayaks fill w water you have issues. Get to creek bank, its close enuff…if need be exit kayak if you broach onto the creek bank. Expect to get wet if your kayak broaches. Issues can get bad when your kayak broaches. The shoals at the entrance of the Rancocas are wonderful places for wildlife. They can be dangerous to kayak when Delaware River and Rancocas Creek boat traffic is active. Ideal is keep bow (front) of kayak facing into waves and wash. Work edges of shoals (see maps) with your sweeps, braces and eddy kayaking skills and techniques. Make sure you have a PFD…etc… And a bailer….improvise w your drinking water container….. fyi if you broach a kayak w a spray skirt attached and you do not have your roll/wet escape down solid you will have all sorts of issues. Stay alert, paddle safe, know when to say “nope gone far enough into shoal waters, we are not going further”. Ideally you scout shoals and channel before kayaking. Stay alert. Paddle Safe. Have Fun and Enjoy. Them shoals and channel are ideal little gems for nailing down large volume white-water

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