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Folks will start to notice curated postings of material on health-care issues. This is a purposeful shift as we advance to opening Pathways complimentary office practice on Home based Alternative Health and Nursing .

Interesting study on how MD’s view people w disabilities and healthcare. Noting not all MD’s and others in healthcare are this way but enough are who lack politeness, compassion and empathy. We have all encountered such things so its no big surprise.

article headline of study on health care of individuals w disabilities w associated comments.

Having had MS since my late 20’s and as RN I can attest first hand and relate to how one is treated in health care and by medical practitioners across the board. Have also encountered such ambivalence and attitudes w private duty patients when they are going through the health care system.

We at Pathways take the opposite tack. Pathways Nurses view and cultivate relationships w people as individuals, first and foremost. All people and of all ages are unique and have their own unique issues and concerns. Health care is not a computer tablet nor a 15 minute time block. Individuals, their families and friends must not be treated and viewed as a 15 minute “business”.

At Pathways we acknowledge up front and throughout your issues and care you as a person as an individual. W this spectrum of issues you encounter the foundation of Pathways is to cultivate a personal connection between Pathways nurses and you the individual. Pathways Alternative Health and Nursing practice is always open to discussing your issues. Text 609-456-9344

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