Rancocas Creek “Glow Rocks”

Tales along the Rancocas Creek going back as far as people knew of the Rancocas Creek were these stories of “glowing rocks” on the Rancocas. Lots of folks heard tell but well not many would commitment to first hand knowledge. Which is how tales and fables start. A question now arises of quartzite vs. phosphorus? Enclosed video introduces Rancocas Creek “Glow Rocks”. 1 minute video best viewed in dark room. Editing material for best presentations. Me, I prefer, pretty cool, either way its fine thing to enhance public awareness of the Rancocas Creek and promote multi-use public access.

Rancocas Creek “Glow Rocks”

4 thoughts on “Rancocas Creek “Glow Rocks””

  1. I Believe these rocks were found on a farm not far from the Rancocas Creek State Park not on the Creek. They were found in the field.I just was speaking with the farmer on Oct 21st 2023. And he was telling me about them and that he had you look at them to see what they were but you were not able to answer what they were.or name of them.

    1. actually your wrong, they were not found in field. and we actually have a really good idea what they are and what they are about.

  2. TRUTH be told that was found on a farm near the Rancocas state park. I know the guy who found it. Interesting I’ll have to start looking and bring some rocks home from the creek. FACT checked I Was just talking to the farmer on 10-21 that he had shown you them to see if you knew what they were called. He mentioned that you did not know.

    1. Truth be told you have no idea what you talking about. They were not found on a farm near the creek. But I’m glad to see your an “expert”

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