Beggar Ticks rioting, blanket Tidal Wild rice Marshes, Await Monarchs

Beggar Ticks rioting, blanket Tidal Wild rice Marshes, Await Monarchs. Fall is when the Rancocas Creek Water Trail comes into its own. Tidewater marshes to the Pine Barrens foliage is striking, exuberant, beautiful. Beggar-Ticks cover tidal marshes in blankets of yellow as flocks of black birds, bobolinks and warblers fly by and at times stay. Hawks, eagles, owls abound in the ecosystems. Fall fishing is tops. Multi-use activities abound. Fall Into the Rancocas Creek Tidewater Marshes. Kayak on down and through. Guided tours and excursions.

Sunday “Catch the Wind” Kayak Excursion – N Branch

North Branch Mt. Holly Launch, paddle through Mt. Holly Oxbow’s 400 plus years of heritage, kayak past Timbuctoo and a supposition to the underground railroad anchored here on amber tide-waters, nor the early 1700’s shark meadow (for sure not named for sharks that swim in the sea), N Branch wild, chill and wooly. Paddle on down to Rancocas State Parks 1, 300 acres of the largest area of NJ’s remaining wild rice tide water-marsh, Explore tide channels in the Rancocas State of New Jersey Natural Area. Paddle back to the east into Mount Holly. 4 hour round-trip paddle. Help support the Rancocas Creek’s Nomination as a National Water Trail.

Sunday Paddling

Sunday High Tide 2 PM. Exemplary Exuberant Late Summer Day for Paddling Amber’ed Rancocas Creek Tidewaters. Beggartick flowers, Cardinal flowers, ferns and their allies, hawks, monarch butterflies, first stages of Fall bird migration. Rippling waters a paddling make one feel fine. Paddle out and about this afternoon. Call or text 609-456-9344 ( – help support the rancocas creek nomination as a national water trail, paddle on down).

Rancocas Pathways: Where a rising tide lifts all boats….and boots *