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25 March

In order to accept online payments for guided kayak excursions, support online donationsP1030094, appreciate fiscal governance for the non-profit and buttress funding issues for the Rancocas Creek Water Trail and NWT,  Rancocas Pathways is changing web site servers and thus modernizing our social media infrastructure.

Please bear with us as this transition takes place.  A web site, any web site notable a web site about water and tides needs a healthy dose of vibrancy and dynamic interface.  Innovation drives forward Rancocas Pathways.  Innovation is the basic foundation of the Rancocas Creek Water Trail.

Not overlooking the fundamentals.  What can we do here to make your visit along the Rancocas Creek, pleasant, affordable, enjoyable and fun.   Do not hesitate to contact Pathways w any questions, concerns or issues.   We look foreward in paddling down w you.

Ultimately the reason we are changing is also to allow a robust online platform for water trail activity maps, viewing newsletters and present year-round multi-use activities along the Rancocas.

The web site is being tailored to responsive to visitors and residents alike, it is used to present planning issues along the water trail and highlight photos and issues that are taking place.   Adopt a Creek events, outdoor wall movies, presentations/forums/meetings and more.P1070383

We had been w Vistaprint since 2011.  We thank them for the services provided in the embryonic stages of the Rancocas Creek Water Trail and Rancocas Creek National Water Trail Initiative.  Tides rise and fall, weather evolves, growth occurs.

Exploration anchors on a sustainable future.

I remain and am are obliged,

John Anderson

Rancocas Pathways


ps:  it is a learning curve working w a new infrastructure and architecture.   volunteers welcomed to help this along….


Rancocas Pathways, Naturally text 609-456-9344

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