Barnegat Lighthouse

A boiling, foamy tempest, Down By the Sea, Out on the Bay, Chart from 1812 appreciates proximity of Rancocas Creek Watershed and Barnegat Inlet

NJ’s Barnegat Light House State Park Maritime Forest Trail

Maritime Forest Trail in a 1/5-mile long, self-guided loop through one of the last remnants of maritime forest in New Jersey. The forests, which is dominated by black cherry, sassafras, eastern red cedar and American holly, is an important resting and feeding area for migratory birds on their long journey to and from their breeding sites.

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1812 map of NJ. Note proximity of Rancocas Creek Watershed and Barnegat Bay/Inlet.

Friends of Barnegat Light House

Rancocas Pathways: Where a rising tide lifts all boats….and boots *