Duck Identification

As its getting into winter time the wildlife population along the BWT changes.  Expect different ducks.   Safety note ducks are legally hunted on the tidewaters of the Rancocas.  This booklet from the FWS is exemplary in identifying wild ducks when one is out paddling or along the BWT.

Ducks at a Distance

The BWT is smack, dab in the middle of a migratory pathway.  It is a rich harbor of diversity.   Ducks thrive along the creek and marshes.   Take the time to learn how to identify them with or without binoculars.

Conservation is a central theme along the BWT.  Id ducks is the anchor.   Check out a few different things r/t wild ducks like the Migratory Duck Stamp program or Jay “Ding” Darling cartoons on conservation.

Paddle down w the ducks.

Melpine Landing Access Road, Drainage improvement and access road closure

Melpine Landing Access Road, Drainage improvement and access road closure.

Mud hole is being drained. Respect access and don’t cross the mud hole nor drive across the field. Farm road is closed until further notice. The ruts on the farm road are extreme. Further permanent damage will occur to the integrity of the road-way if folks drive on down the farm road. Erosion on the causeway is extreme.

ml access road

I can’t stress enough to completely honor the closures until the drainage and access road can be improved. State Parks and local farmer are working on the issue at the same time. Looks like the new pipe will be about 120 feet long.

Note to Self: Placing logs, plywood and other debris into the mud-hole disrupts drainage. Do not place debris into this area. Think long-term and sustainable access.



Further work-party’s date and time will be posted. We encourage everyone’s involvement.

If anyone has any questions or concerns zap a note along.

Designated Non-Profit Managers of the Rancocas Creek National Water Trail Initiative