Lumberton Historical Society Presentation

400 years of unique, maritime heritage, 6,000 years of Native American habitation and, of course, before that we had those fascinating dinosaurs. Today, a nifty hovercraft provides rescue for people on the S. Branch at Lumberton during a recent flood.

Lumberton’s connections to the Rancocas Creek and to commercial markets and peoples far and wide speaks to its heritage. A vibrant, one-hour discussion, with a “please touch the artifacts” exhibit, aims to enhance public access to the creek while improving overall water quality. Please help us “pass the word” for this mid-winter gathering of friends and neighbors at the Lumberton Historical Society!

2019 Winter Paddle Notes

On a personal level and noting over the last few years, Paddle Notes has grown. Cultivated to a quarterly release, includes map, Red Dawg Historical Notes, beta on Melpine Landing, Rancocas Discovery School, Partnerships and much much more.

A far cry from the early days of paddle notes being a single page. Volunteers are welcome to help w writing and distributing the copies of Paddle Notes.

Zap back any questions or concerns that you feel should be included.

Txs and obliged for everything that folks have helped with. Lets have a safe and happy 2019 paddling season.

80% Winter Ecology

On Sunday, Feb 03, 2019 the Rancocas Creek is about 80% frozen over. This is not the best time for kayaking….Subjective factors and objective hazards combine to increase risk levels to being close on the edge. So what to do when the creek is freezing up ?

Hiking about is a really chill way to scout the Creek, proper. There is significant ice below Centerton Bridge.

Tides will carry ice up into the State Park. Noting of course the Oxbow in Mt. Holly remains, open. Most likely from the current.

Rancocas Pathways: Where a rising tide lifts all boats….and boots *