Winter Ecology RounDtable at the Lyceum

Join friends and neighbors for a Winter Ecology Roundtable at the Burlington County Lyceum on High Street in Mt. Holly’s historic village on 20 March 1 – 3 PM. Followed by ‘paddle around the oxbow’ to WELCOME in the SPRING!! Topics include: natural history, ecology, Pine Barrens conservation, outdoor activities for kids, and much more.

Kayak Tours

Late Winter, Early Spring Rancocas Creek Watershed Kayak Tours. Individuals or groups. Paddle down or on the tide , paddle out and about in the Western areas of the Pine Barrens National Reserve. Paddle down on the Rancocas State Park Bluewater Trail.

Pathways “Learning is Fun, Naturally” programs are tailored to groups, likewise programs support professional development.

Participants experience , up front and close from the seat of a kayak, the natural history, ecology, heritage and relaxing tranquility on Rancocas Creek Water Trails. Exemplary public access w guides w intimate knowledge of the Creek, that willingly share their knowledge and experiences w participants. Insured and registered.

Contact Pathways for mandatory seasonal equipment lists from participants.

Winter Ecology Roundtable

Winter ecology roundtable being held at the Burlington County Lyceum from 1PM to 3 PM. Join the discussion on the Rancocas Creek Watersheds winter ecology: Topics include and are not limited to: Natural History, Heritage, Conservation, Ideas to engage kids in the winter, Recreation, Ecology and more. Updates to the Melpine Landing access road also.

Objective is to enhance public access to the Rancocas Creek Water Trail and promote water quality in the Rancocas Creek Watershed.
Roundtable is being held the first day of Spring.

Kayak rentals are available, if needed. If not bring your own. Zap a note back if you want to join the First Day of Spring Paddling. Mt. Holly Oxbow Channel and into the Rancocas State Park. 2 Hours of Paddling. Free shuttle. Zap back a note to host Rancocas Pathway’s

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