Creek Mile 24-28 Maritime Cultural Landscape

Microsoft PowerPoint – riverside hx society final – Copy – Copy – Copy.  Word to the wise.  Any paddling below Centerton Bridge is open tidal water paddling.  Paddle safe.  Paddle to conditions.  Expect tides, winds, waves, shallows, wildlife, multi-use and more.   Idea; take-out points below Centerton Bridge.  Lighting Jacks and Hawk Island Marina’s.   Amico Island Park has a undeveloped spot that allows landing.  Dredge Harbor also have sites for landing.   The majority of these lower Rancocas Creek landings charge a fee.  Support Local Business.   Details on the Lower Rancocas will be posted.   Volunteers welcome to help flesh out and lock in place landings and a paddling map. Microsoft PowerPoint – riverside hx society final – Copy – Copy – Copy



Rancocas Creek Maritime Cultural Landscape Report

Stockton University Rancocas Creek Maritime Cultural Landscape Report. The crux of the NWT application is the collaborative approach to enhanced public access based on the Creek’s heritage. This report is just barely skimming the surface of the Rancocas Creek. Paddle down. Rancocas Creek National Water Trail Initiative.

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The Rancocas Creek Maritime Cultural Survey Report – Stockton__ University

Volunteers Welcome

hey now 15 september “paddle w a purpose” looking for volunteers to come out and help enhance others awareness of the rancocas creek.   just have to paddle on along.  zap me back any questions and or interests in paddling.


Saturday Adopt a Creek

North Branch Adopt a Creek Saturday 10 AM. Mt. Holly. Meet back parking lot Village Idiot Brew Pub. Mt. Holly Creek Side Parking. Expect to get muddy, wet and dirty. Bring gloves, drinking water,snacks. Bring a hand saw/tools. Adopt a Creek rain or shine.


Rancocas Pathways: Where a rising tide lifts all boats….and boots *