Holistic Health Natural Resources

Rancocas Pathways Health Co-Op base camp is found on a Rancocas Creek Watershed Farm. Here in New Jersey’s Inner Coastal Plain rich, loamy soil has been naturally farmed by one family since 1946. This 60 acre farm is an oasis. 40 acres of active farm fields are bisected by a 20 acre Atlantic White Cedar Swamp. Active sustainable silviculture practices controls growth and allows harvest. Silviculture is both an art and science that promotes quality Atlantic White Cedar therapeutic products. One benefit of membership in Pathways Co-Op is farm access.

Different Landscapes Around a Rancocas Creek Watershed Farm since 1946

This Rancocas Creek Watershed Farm Atlantic White Cedar forest is a gem. A unique place to sit and listen and watch the world drift along.

"A Healthy Paddle" Kayaking, Home Based Nursing Services, Renewable Energy.

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