May 2, 2019. There has been a slew of incidents along the Rancocas Creek w kayakers disturbing wildlife, creek front residents, vandalizing access points and leaving trash behind. W enhanced access stewardship of the Rancocas Creek is paramount. Regular paddlers are the 1st line of stewardship. If you see vandalism taking place notify law enforcement. If you see fools acting like fools let them know responsible access is the reason for enhanced public access that promotes water quality. We who enjoy the resource are stewards of the creek. Paddle down.

5 YeAR’S iN mAY 1ST mAY dAY

Yikes 5 years into the process of seeking to gain National Water Trail designation for the Rancocas Creek continues. Today, May 1st, May Day. We have been paddling out every May Day to the confluence and snap a picture at 12 Noon. Today was no exception. Wonderful incoming tide. Confluence rippling in 5-10 mph wind. Wildlife to beat the band. Here is a mega big tip of the hat and massive thanks to everyone who has helped the process along and into the future. Look forward to paddling the creek w folks this summer.

Paddle Down

Seasonal Produce Sales

Naturally, NJ’s Rancocas Valley Agriculture.1st of the Season Asparagus and Fiddle Heads All Sales Subject to Availability.  Sales support  Rancocas Creek Water Trail.

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