Grass Roots Action Alert

Heard back from NJ State Park and the NJ State Trails Council on nomination status of Delaware Estuary’s Rancocas Creek 4 National Water Trail. Further beta 2b posted as process moves closer. KEEP THIS GRASS-ROOTS. Keep your signatures coming onto the Congressional Sign On Letter.

Riverside Marina, Dredge Harbor, Delaware River Estuary, Mouth of the Rancocas Creek. Paddle Down

What Is Our Mission? These Socks Are made for paddling

Mission of Rancocas Pathways….Enhance Public Access, While Promoting Water Quality. Seems simple enuff, however the mission nucleus is outreach and programs.

McKinsey (go2 group for non-profit strategy) posts – Drawing from on-going research at the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) on 21st century corporations, there is an essential group of questions non-profits should be asking themselves…..

These include: What is our mission and purpose as a non-profit, and over what time horizon? Who benefits from our success and what are our responsibilities—to shareholders, yes, but also workforce, suppliers, ecosystem participants, sustainability and the environment, and society broadly? How do we leverage data and technology responsibly? What are the implications for our operations of re-balancing local imperatives, locally and between others in a more complex geopolitical world?

Answering these questions should prompt debate over a set of bold and deliberate choices: what market ground to try to stake out, how far to go in doing so, and how to deliver. In other words, this is about strategy and not just non-profit social responsibility. The answers should offer ways to differentiate any non-profit from the competition, to delight customers, to attract and retain talent, and to win over funders, while still delivering against rising expectations over social obligations and sustainability.

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