NWT Update

Follow Up of conference phone with National Park Service National Water Trail Program.

Application has to align GPS numbers throughout. Have to tighten up the landings and mileage data base. Standardize legend on the maps. Focus on areas inside the Rancocas Creek Watershed for inclusion by phases. Some areas will not be included in the final submission but will be tacked on in the future.

Need to correct some areas of the application including landings and land-managers approvals. Encourage final letters of approval to establish umbrella of RCNWT and associated segments of existing water trails on the Rancocas. The same for portages.

Mega tip of the hat thanks to everyone who participated and helped advance the discussion. There are some significant outstanding issues that are being reviewed before any postings take place.
Zap back any questions or concerns: ingvarja@verizon.net

Tee-Shirts ORDER Placed

Massive Tip of the Hat Thanks. Enuff orders were placed on Tee-Shirts that allow an inventory to be built up of different sizes. To everyone who placed an order thanks and obliged. Your orders will help anchor fund raising for enhancing public access at Melpine Landing. Super coolage. People who placed orders will receive e-mail notification of orders for pick-up or delivery, around 01 June. Any questions or concerns tack a note along to Friends of Melpine Landing ingvarja@verizon.net

Universal Logo

Ref: NWT Response Update
Item 1. Burl County Canoe Trail issue placed in revised spread sheet.
1.b. Landowner support letter (getting exact example of what is needed from NPS/NWT on 16 May)….
Item 2.
2.a. Whitesbog landings filled into revised master spread sheet boxes
2.b. Timbuctoo way point and underground railroad logo (see below).
Item 2 c. 3 Different Logos (see revised master)
Item 2.d. Terminus of Rancocas Creek Water Trail is tangential to the access via Delaware River Tidal Trail.
All water trail maps amended w logos as below.
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