Rancocas Natural Area

NJ’S Rancocas State Park, Rancocas Natural Area. Rancocas Creek Water Trail Creek Mile 17. Out on the N Branch, as migrants and residents populations are out and about in the fine Spring weather.

And if you a turtle flipped upside down on a mud-bank, take the time to paddle over and flip ’em back to the right side, after all yertle the turtle was freaked when you came paddling around the bend. All ways be good neighbors for critters. Stay at least 300 feet away from any wildlife. Take nothing but pictures and leave ripples behind. Stewardship is part and parcel of paddling about

On-Line Product catalog now available

Online product catalog offers photos of the Rancocas Creek Water Trail and its associations on maps, sites, way-points, natural history, heritage on tee-shirts, sweat shirts, wall art, coffee mugs, leggings, dressing and towels.

Your purchase directly supports maintaining the Rancocas Creek Water Trail but also enhances awareness that promotes water quality and multi-use. You also support local commerce in any purchase by visiting any of the communities and sites shown.

Online Product Catalog

On personal touch if you zap Pathways a photo of yourself and or the Creek we can convert it to any customized product as above. This personalizes your experience as a paddler or non-paddler alike. Contact Pathways for details. ingvarja@verizon.net

Radio Control Model Boats

About 2 weeks back started mucking around w remote control model/scale boats in and around the North Branch tidal oxbow channel in Mt. Holly. A group of folks are scoping out the impacts: noise, speed, risks, as a tool for involving kids in the Creek (promoting water quality), as possible resource to go back into tidal backwaters w a camera and much more. They are also fun and help w enhanced public access up around Mill Dam. Trash and debris is pointed out to kids and how that mucks w the creek.

Found this online resource for Radio Control (RC) Scale Model Boats. Check it out. Now there are areas where a RC boat is not warranted in and about Natural Areas, Pine Barrens and such. All ways respect MULTI-USE. Do not bother other people w RC boats and such. Do not run them up where folks are fishing. During spawning behavior of migratory fishes and such. Operate all RC boats w proper attention to detail and safety. Details on the scoping process will be posted.

National Water Trail Update

heads up, heard back from NPS/NWT.Appreciate and thanks to everyone  who is helping the application along. Material submitted back to  NPS/NWT folks as requested. Tacked on “beta” from  HERO (Heritage is Opportunity) database. Corrected letters of endorsement across the board. Paddle down

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