Winter Ecology Roundtable

Winter ecology roundtable being held at the Burlington County Lyceum from 1PM to 3 PM. Join the discussion on the Rancocas Creek Watersheds winter ecology: Topics include and are not limited to: Natural History, Heritage, Conservation, Ideas to engage kids in the winter, Recreation, Ecology and more. Updates to the Melpine Landing access road also.

Objective is to enhance public access to the Rancocas Creek Water Trail and promote water quality in the Rancocas Creek Watershed.
Roundtable is being held the first day of Spring.

Kayak rentals are available, if needed. If not bring your own. Zap a note back if you want to join the First Day of Spring Paddling. Mt. Holly Oxbow Channel and into the Rancocas State Park. 2 Hours of Paddling. Free shuttle. Zap back a note to host Rancocas Pathway’s

Maritime History Comes Alive

400 years of Lumberton maritime heritage comes alive with an entertaining, one-hour “micro-history” voyage into the town’s fascinating past. Cretaceous-dinosaurs such as the Mosasaurs once swam marl-lined, waterways. Then along came homo sapiens. Agriculture, mills, mining, lumbering, shipyards, and, of course, recreational use churned the tidal waters. This lively presentation showcases how Lumberton anchored the livelihood of communities along the South Branch.

We look forward to seeing you at the LHS meeting on Feb. 21st. Please feel free to contact Elaine at Lumberton Historical Society for further information.

Lumberton Historical Society Presentation

400 years of unique, maritime heritage, 6,000 years of Native American habitation and, of course, before that we had those fascinating dinosaurs. Today, a nifty hovercraft provides rescue for people on the S. Branch at Lumberton during a recent flood.

Lumberton’s connections to the Rancocas Creek and to commercial markets and peoples far and wide speaks to its heritage. A vibrant, one-hour discussion, with a “please touch the artifacts” exhibit, aims to enhance public access to the creek while improving overall water quality. Please help us “pass the word” for this mid-winter gathering of friends and neighbors at the Lumberton Historical Society!

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