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Grass-Root member supported registered non-profit Rancocas Creek Coalition anchoring enhanced public access and promoting water quality. As the RCC is newly cultivated community based coalition a listing of possible/probable/potential “talking points” have been listed and placed onto a info-graphic. See below.

Volunteers are encouraged. RCC first official meeting will be held at the Burlington County Lyceum in Mount Holly on October 12. Concluding public discussions on late fall and early winter ecology a paddle will be held on and around the Mount Holly North Branch Rancocas Creek. Participants are encouraged to enjoy the eclectic vibe of Mount Holly Creek Side eateries, local brew pubs and shops.

Agenda is being formatted for this meeting. Please do not hesitate to forward questions or concerns on the RCC. RCC agenda will evolve. e-mail: ingvarja@verizon.net text or call 609-876-3086

Partial List of Organizations and Others Who Are Helping Develop Rancocas Creek into a Year Round Multi-Use Resource: Note Pineland Adventures Livery is found on the South Branch at the Lumberton Canoe Launch.

In New Jersey, political meddling w NJ State Parks poisons the stellar nomination of Rancocas Creek as a National Water Trail Let’s be clear: New Jersey State Parks, NJSPS, is not independent and works against the interests of the citizens of NJ.
NJSPS randomly selected, w political operatives directing its actions in political boundaries and operatives political representation with meddling of the nomination of NJ’s Rancocas Creek as a National Water Trail.
Though it purports to be for the citizens of NJ, NJSPS is something else entirely. A Director and longtime political aides, appointed by Gov Phil Murphy serve at his pleasure. The Governor, not the NJSPS, has the final say on the nomination of NJ’s Rancocas State Park as a National Water Trail. This quasi-independent system is not a actually independent NJSPS and it is not as is claimed widely embraced.
This fractured political boundaries, in which the Gov of NJ and HIS elitist environmental allies in unite in Trenton’s back rooms. This has negotiated new boundaries among themselves and as they adopt the new map for the public of the scale and scope of NJ’s 360 Square Mile Rancocas Creek Watershed. The nomination of the Rancocas Creek as a National Water Trail is now in its third round of NJSPS and its allies redistricting. It should be clear by now that the system is fundamentally flawed in ways that erode public trust and discourage civic participation. The NJSPS final map of the Rancocas Creek lacks any public input or hearings.
Although some individuals in the NJDEP, the NJSPS and the Governor’s office legitimately tried to make civic engagement evenhanded and independent as possible, others followed the unwritten rule of NJ’s Gov Phil Murphy, which is that the Director of the NJSPS is there to do the bidding of the elected official who put him there. The public is led to believe this is an independent, impartial NJSPS drawing lines for the greater good. There’s everything in the nomination process that require impartiality, and when so much is at stake, the Director of the NJSPS under the direction of his boss, Gov Phil Murphy allows that the Director of the NJSPS would be a sucker for not wielding the power over the people of NJ w arbitrary decisions .
Consider the experience of nomination process itself. progressive citizens and organizations, businesses, environmental organizations throughout NJ offered suggestions and advice on how to approach the process of the Rancocas Creek as a National Water Trail nomination as an activity engaged in civics, involvement and community.
Page Two: NJSPS Poisons Civic and Citizen Engagement
“Because political self-interest is now the dominating factor of the NJSPS, there is considerable risk of public, civic and community treachery. You can’t really trust any of the other now allied political participants of the NJSPS unless you understand their self-interest in the nomination of the Rancocas Creek as a National Water Trail, “Equity and institutional racism are typically not factors in naming process of a water trail except to the extent that actions by the NJSPS highlights arbitrary and capricious actions that bring rise to such statement. To wit Timbuctoo and its ties to the Rancocas Creek has been removed by the actions of the NJSPS in an action that can only be called “mean”, “hateful” and “ignorant”. And this is just skimming the surface of such actions by the NJSPS.
The NJSPS under Director Robin Madden has ignored the advice of citizens, elected officials, business groups and environmental organizations. But a warning was prescient. Mr. Madden buttressing Gov Murphy’s ties among NJ environmental coalitions effectively steamrolled civic engagement by pushing a narrative that radically redesigned the Rancocas Creek historic heritage as a water trail so much so that the Rancocas Creek is not connected to the Delaware River or the NJ Pinelands National Reserve. The actions of the NJSPS places the Rancocas Creek into a entirely new geographic and community removed from reality.
The NJSPS actions have been carried out by deciding the NJSPS version on civic and community engagement is that of dictating to the public and to ignore and purposely attempt to throttle grass-root community action. Broken promises is the clarion call and direction of the NJSPS under Gov Phil Murphy.
The nomination of the Rancocas Creek as a National Water Trail must anchor and showcase the power of citizens being involved in the process and as required by the National Water Trail nomination. It’s possible — civic and community engagement can lead to a dramatically different narrative for good reasons that show case local heritage on a National and State scale. But as long as NJSPS allows political interference and behind-the-scenes lobbying, it’s impossible for people to have faith in the process or trust any actions by the NSPS.
Page Three: NJSPS Poisons Civic and Citizen Engagement
And that’s the problem. The now political nature of the NJSPS leaves residents questioning the motives behind controversial line-drawing decisions of the NJSPS. Why were heritage areas cut out of nomination process? Why is the narrative pushed by the NJSPS specific to the fact the NJSPS and its elitists environmental allies ignores the scope and span of the Rancocas Creek Watershed? Why were some issues such as the Rancocas Creek’s connection and bridge to Burlington County and the State of NJ’s agriculture barely touched as an asset of the State of NJ? How is that the NJSPS “new” map of the Rancocas Creek is completely redrawn to show according to the NJSPS, the Pinelands Preservation Alliance, the NJ State Trail’s Council, the Delaware River Coalition and the William Penn Foundation that the Rancocas Creek is not the largest NJ tributary to the Delaware River Estuary and the main western outflow of the NJ Pinelands National Reserve?
The NJ Legislature must do more to insulate the NJSPS from such undue political influence. It must adopt a ban on all private conversations with the NJSPS and others to prevent backroom deals. The legislature must adopt a formal process for any actions with the public w the NJSPS, so elected officials such as Gov Murphy couldn’t yank the prior actions of the NJSPS when they are not happy with decisions of prior actions — which is what is happening under Director Madden.
Even under the worst circumstances, the nomination of the Rancocas Creek as a National Water Trail should, nay must, honor civic engagement and the power of citizens involvement. The Rancocas Creek is a bridge that honor the actions and wishes of various ethnic, business, religious and socioeconomic groups going back to the 1600’s. The least that can be done is make the nomination process more publicly inclusive, trustworthy and transparent. As the nomination process advances, it is hoped to see a change in the direction of the NJSPS. It’s time for the citizens of NJ and the United States to see how and have a truly independent NJSPS free of political gerrymandering of Gov Murphy and his environmental cronies.
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Rancocas Pathways, Naturally text 609-456-9344

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