Rancocas Creek Water Trail Online Resource, Natural History and Heritage

Rancocas Creek Water Trail Online Resource, Natural History and Heritage information for camps, organizations, teachers, students, citizens, activists, paddlers, non-paddlers, visitors, business and others.   This material is formatted in detailed power-point presentations (30-65 slides each), position papers, professional papers/reports, infographics and more.   This material represents but a small area of information available for review.  Until all information is posted on-line and hot linked contact Rancocas Pathways for material.  Text  609-456-9344     Check out online maps and charts   http://www.rcnwt.com

  1. Rancocas Creek Crow Census 1867 infographic
  2. A Manual to Make Adopt a Creek A Success – Community based organizing and stewardship
  3. Artists of the Rancocas Creek Watershed
    1. Native
    1. Henry Inman (1840’s)
    1. Hugh Campbell (1940’s)
  4. American Eel Biology article
  5. Birds of the Rancocas Creek Watershed (under final stage development)
  6. Coates Bar – Main Stem – Willingboro
  7. Collaboration and Partnership Handbook
  8. Collaboration Handbook
  9. Delanco (Tip of Hat to Peter Fritz and Paul Schopp)
  10. Forks of the Rancocas, Paul Schopp
  11. Delaware River Shipping and Rancocas Creek
  12. Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission Mt. Holly Rancocas Creek Municipal Public Access Plan.
  13. Digital Incision and Water-Power of the Rancocas Creek North Branch
  14. Sources and References (constant updates)
  15. Edgewater Park, Guards Mouth of the Rancocas Creek
  16. Book Forum Info Graphic – 6,000 Years of Heritage
  17. Haddon Matrix, Rancocas Creek Community based Injury Control
  18. Hainesport and South Branch  (Tip of hat to Tish, Paula, Ray Storck and others)
  19. Jacksonville and North Flank of Rancocas Creek Watershed
  20. Leave No Trace Poster
  21. Leeds Wharf, Rancocas State Park Presentation
  22. Lewis Hines, Pemberton Child Labor Infographic
  23. Pemberton (tip of hat to Pemberton Historical Society: Mike/Lee/Glenn) pending
  24. Browns Mill’s Resort of the Pines and 1,000,000 Chicken Farm Pending
  25. Life Jacket Policy Study (USCG)
  26. Willingboro’s Lion Swamp News clipping
  27. Lumberton Historical Society (Tip of hat to Weldon Storey and others in and about Lumberton)
  28. Lumberton Trains and Marl – Dinosaurs and Indians- Pine Barrens
  29. Maritime Cultural Landscape Article
  30. Map and Chart Reading Hands on Discussions
  31. History and Heritage of Melpine Landing
  32. Medford, Evesham, Dr. of the Pine Barrens
  33. Mount Holly Sanborn Maps Power Point
  34. Mount Holly Heritage and History  (Tip of hat to MH Historical Society and Larry Tigar)
  35. Rancocas Creek Water Trail Master Report
  36. Rancocas Creek Paddling Atlas
  37. Rancocas Creek Tug Boats and Barges
  38. Rancocas Creek Sand Mines
  39. Rancocas Creek -Texas Phosphorus Site
  40. Stripped Bass Migratory Fishes
  41. Snakehead Identification Poster
  42. Stockton State University Maritime Cultural Landscape Survey
  43. Natural History and Heritage of Rancocas Creek Watershed presentation
  44. Moorestown and the Rancocas Creek
  45. Mill Creek – Willingboro
  46. Mount Laurel, Centerton and Texas and the Rancocas Creek
  47. Plant List Rancocas Creek
  48. Unraveling the Rancocas Knot – Rancocas Creek Issues and Perspectives
  49. Rancocas Creek Headwaters, NJ Pine Barrens (master report-NJ Pinelands Commission
  50. Rancocas Creek National Water Trail Master Plan
  51. Rancocas Creek Tide Mill Economies
  52. Rancocas Creek Main Stem, Mouth of the Rancocas Creek and the Delaware River
  53. Riverside and Delanco, Heritage, Past, Present and Future
  54. River Trails and Conservation, National Park Service Water Trails
  55. Rock Climbing in NJ (award winning comprehensive presentation on rock climbing in NJ
  56. Rancocas Creek Maritime Cultural Landscape
  57. Rancocas Creek’s Maritime Heritage and the Underground Railroad
  58. Social and Economic Benefits of Water Trails and Public Access
  59. Sand Hills of Bohmantown, New Jersey (w associations to South Jersey’s Rancocas Creek)
  60. Sand Mining on the Rancocas Creek
    • Hinge Boats
  61. Truffle Hunting w a Pig (definitive article on history of the Rancocas Creek)
  62. Benefits of Water Trails, NJDEP
  63. Water Trails, American Canoe Association
  64. Whitesbog Paddling and Heritage
  65. Willingboro from Sailing Shallops to Community, From Activism to Public Access
  66. Wake, Wash and Noise Taking along Waterways (NOAA report)
  67. Water Budget of the Rancocas Creek Watershed – US Geological Service)
  68. Other reports from other community organizations along the Rancocas Creek to be posted.

Rancocas Pathways, Naturally text 609-456-9344

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