Indoor Climbing Grotto

Pulling southern moves, unclimbed 1,000 foot bouldering circuit. northern panels under duck overhanging thin exposed moves
Jordan bouldering all out

Check out the walls as you enter Pathways Livery Office. Welcome to the “Indoor Climbing Grotto. While you await a shuttle or just want to try out indoor climbing and bouldering, make sure your wavier is signed and Boulder On. Ask Staff about requirements for bouldering.

First Time so Boulder On at “Indoor Climbing Grotto”

Find below wavier and liability releases and history as is required to be filled out and presented to staff of Rancocas Pathways or at the Indoor Climbing Grotto as found located in Mill Race Village, 25B Church Street, Mt. Holly, New Jersey. Boulder and climb at your own RISK.


Located in Mill Race Village – 28B Church Street-Mount Holly-New Jersey 08060

If you want to relax and enjoy the Grotto, Welcome!. Contact Pathways for parties, activities, camps, programs and other areas. Pathways views the Grotto as a community space. If you want to hold meetings in the Grotto or an event contact Pathways for details.

Indoor Climbing Grotto Anchored Programs

Adventures, games, skills and crafts! Our programs are packed with fun activities and games, designed to deliver a well-rounded experience both on the wall and off. Each day will have a mix of bouldering, weather permitting kayaking and indoor exercises, along with other skills and crafts.   We’ll provide two snacks a day.  You’ll have the option of adding lunch for each kid.  Join in for a day of bouldering and kayaking adventures, games, skills and crafts!  These activities are packed with fun and games, designed to deliver a well-rounded experience both at the Grotto and off. We keep busy with a mix of bouldering, kayaking and exercises, along with other skills and experiences. We’ll provide snacks and tired kids at the end of the day!

Bouldering is the icing-on the cake of rock climbing and mountaineering. 

For all participants your first visit requires a safety briefing about bouldering at the “Indoor Climbing Grotto”.   There are no exceptions to this policy.

  • Requires safe practices and bouldering etiquette
  • Fundamental & techniques skills
  • Body positioning & movement
  • Team & community building
  • A preview of competition
  • Reinforcement of fundamentals
  • Dynamic movement
  • Essentials for injury-free training & conditioning
  • Personal coaching

Your first time at “Indoor Climbing Grotto” require a signed liability waiver. All climbers must have a “Indoor Climbing Grotto” waiver form on file. Climbers under 18 must present a hard copy (paper waiver) signed by a parent or court appointed legal guardian. Minimum age is Four (4) years


If you are a minor (17 or younger) you will need to have a parent or legal guardian fill out and sign a hard copy (paper) waiver for you. You will need to bring this signed paper waiver with you, we will need this for our files.

After safety briefing you can boulder as much as you wish.

Tidewater Heritage School Programs

Have fun bouldering or kayaking with your class or after class! Bouldering and kayaking is a physical, social activity that engages both body and mind. After-school programs are supervised by adults.

Please note that this particular time slot is for the Tidewater Heritage School progams please contact us!

Indoor Climbing Grotto Offers a Site for Birthday Parties, Corporate Events, Special Activities, Groups, Custom Tailored and Catered Events. Looking for that unique place to have an event contact Pathways. Check out the Indoor Climbing Grotto and Kayak Livery. Located in Mount Holly’s Mill Race Village Shops, Music Shop and Crafts, all within easy walking distance of Mt. Holly’s vibrant, dynamic High Street

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