Rancocas Creek Pathfinders

Rancocas Creek Water Trail Stewards are Volunteers.  These pathfinders the heart and soul of the Rancocas Creek Water Trail.   All are encouraged to come out and help out.  Rancocas Creek Stewards facilitate and assist in various projects beyond governance.

Examples of common Projects undertaken by Rancocas Creek Stewards

Plot Creekside Re-Vegetation Projects

Implement Native Plant Demonstration Plantings

Present Tide-Water Ecology and In-Class Creek Ecology and urban runoff education

Facilitate Storm Drains Stenciling Campaign

Produce Rancocas Creek Stewards Best Management Practices Guidelines

Volunteer Water Quality and Macro Invertebrates Monitoring Program

Compilation of Oral Histories of Long-Term Residents of the Watershed

Participate w GIS Mapping of the Creek or of the Places of Interest

Development and Installation of Watershed Signs

Stress Pollution Reduction Campaigns

Participate in a variety of Advocacy issues

Help w Organizational Development

Enhance Public Access via Social Media campaigns


For further details on volunteering as a Rancocas Creek Water Trail Steward contact Rancocas Pathways:   ingvarja@verizon.net

Rancocas Pathways, Naturally text 609-456-9344

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