Creek Communities

Heritage runs deep on the Rancocas. Not only for people and their community’s but also for wildlife.

Canopy Tour of an Atlantic White Cedar Swamp, Cedar Swamp Run Headwaters, Rancocas Creek Watershed
Before Swedish, Dutch, English Settlers Native Americans Traversed the watershed going back 6,000-8,000 years. Before that dinosaurs, mastadons, mossaurs and more inhabited the region.
33 different municipalities border the Rancocas Creek N Branch, S Branch, SW Branch and the Main Stem.
Can you identify the Rancocas Creek on this map from Independence Seaport Museum, Delaware River Estuary Exhibit. Hint —first west ward flowing creek below the elbow of the Delaware River
Robins Nest, Creek Mile 15. Creek side dining and entertainment. Box Lunches Available for paddlers.

"A Healthy Paddle" Kayaking, Other Services

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