Delran/Delanco / Riverside / Edgewater Park

Along the Delaware River, Edgewater Park, NJ Attesting to local heritage.

1639 Navigation Chart Delaware River and the Mouth of the Rancocas Creek

One enters the Rancocas Creek from the Delaware River at Riverside and Delanco. Both community’s have boat ramps, fee for service and both communities abut Burlington County Parkland. Edgewater Park holds a special interest in the Rancocas Creek as this is where during the annual “Kids in Government” Day , local school kids passed a resolution in support of the Water Trail.

Delanco Watermen, Their Heritage, Our History (txs to peter fritz)

Mouth of the Rancocas Creek

History and Heritage run deep here on the Delaware River and Rancocas Creek junction. Delanco and Edgewater Park focused on agriculture, Riverside more industrialization. Hawk Island and Dredge Harbor Marina’s are found on either side of the entrance to the Creek. Lighting Jacks Marina and The “Best of the Wurst” German creek-side eatery right up stream.

Besides the marina’s support local commerce. Check out bakery’s deli’s, ice cream places, local historical society museums and much, much more.

Hessian Doctor who passed through the area in the late 1790’s.

Paddling Note: At the entrance to the Creek is a sand bar of some size. It is easy enough to flip a canoe or kayak if one gets caught in the swells and wind. Make sure you do not paddle alone, Leave a float plan. Paddle Safe.

Regions of the Rancocas Creek Watershed. Far left (green) is from the Delaware River to the Confluence or the Main Stem. Primary maritime commerce. White region is Confluence to the head of tide (N Branch -Mt. Holly; S Branch Lumberton), primary industrialzatioon; Blue area is the creek from the Head of Tide to the border of the NJ Pine Barrens, Economy heritage of agriculture; The gray area the headwaters inside the NJ Pine Barrens.

Delran, directly above and abutting Bridgeboro was incorporated in 1880. Prior to that the land was farmed, today a Burlington County Greenway. Check out Burlington County Parks.

Paddling Note B. Lighting Jacks is the normal take out if you paddle from Melpine Landing or Mt. Holly. Camping is permitted at Hawk Island Marina, inquire at the office. This western (or lower segment) of the Rancocas Creek is open tide-water. Paddle Safe. Take the proper and appropriate paddling gear. if you have any questions zap Rancocas Pathways a note.

Amico Island Burlington County Park System. Exemplary viewsheds and paddling

"A Healthy Paddle" Kayaking, Other Services

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