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Timbuctoo, a hamlet (with a school and store) of Westampton Township sits on the North Branch, Rancocas Creek. Timbuctoo founded in 1826 by free and escaped slaves was a destination on the Underground Railroad, became a well maintained graveyard for Black veterans of the  Civil War, was the site of the “Battle of Pine Swamp” and the residence of generations of families who still reside along the Creek.

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Timbuctoo, today is at times accessible during a high tide.  Plan your paddle accordingly

timbuctoo map 1875 (2)

Ref Burlington County Archives.

Paddle Note:   During a low tide stay alert for remains of the old piers, bulkheads and associated wildlife.   Think back to the mid 1900’s when muskrat were trapped and sold by local residents, think back in the day when the Rancocas was used as a navigable waterway for commerce of the possible “turning basin” found up on Timbuctoo’s Causeway Marsh, thinking back as you paddle exposes heritage anchored deep.


Timbuctoo role in the Underground Railroad is located directly below the North Store and the Little Dipper constellation.   Follow the Drinking Gourd is an slave hymnal used to alert slaves it was the season to take a ride on the Underground Railroad and flee North.

Richie Havens rendition of “Follow the Drinking Gourd”  drives home the heritage of Rancocas Creek tidewaters, past hymns and freedom.   You Tube Video

Timbuctoo’s creek-front is the site for on-going research on the Rancocas Creek’s 400 years of maritime heritage.

Check out Westampton Townships write up on Timbuctoo.   Heritage anchors deep.

N Branch, Timbuctoo Low Tide

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