What Stands Out ?

Welcome to the Rancocas Creek Water Trail

The Rancocas Creek Water Trail is a 80 mile (128 km) long tidal and non-tidal multi-use water trail connecting people to the Rancocas Creek’s natural environment, its 400 years of maritime heritage and to the communities and creek towns it touches in the Mid-Atlantic’s Southern New Jersey. From the Pine Barrens National Reserve headwaters to paddling on bucolic, placid non-tidal flat-water to paddling on open tidal waters, a variety of paddling and multi-use experiences awaits you.  From kayaking, bird-watching, canoeing, fishing, relaxing, camping, hunting and just  floating down creek  to motorized vessels and jet skis on the Rancocas tidal reaches follow the Rancocas Creek Water Trail to learn what others already know: The Rancocas Creek is a gem, Hidden from Plain Sight.

“What Stands Out” is a partial list of year-round activities and places to visit inside the Rancocas Creek Watershed and are easily accessible from the Water Trail, proper.

Click here for maps of the water trail, creek front communities and other areas to explore and discover.

What Stands Out ?

360 square mile watershed

North Branch

Southwest Branch

South Branch

Glacier Geology

Native American Sites



               1 of the 4 major watersheds of the NJ Pine Barrens and National Reserve, the only watershed that flows West.

400 years of America’s maritime heritage

1.5 hours South of New York City

15 miles from Philadelphia

80 miles of water trails

34 communities Rancocas Conservancy Municipal Map

14 river towns

Baseball Mud

Regional Market

Post-Industrialization Renaissance

“Ghost” Towns and the Jersey Devil

County Seat

Mt. Holly, since 1677, head of Tide, 39 National Historic Sites

Revolutionary War Battles and Skirmishes

Underground Railroad


“Jersey Fresh” Agriculture, Annual Farm Fair

Mt. Holly Mill Race, Oxbow and Flood Channel

6 portages


5 camping areas and opportunities

Batona Trail

10 canoe and kayak livery’s

Annual Canoe Festivals and Paddle Events

Pine Barrens “Cedar” water.  Amber, reddish brown, tea colored

5 interpretative nature centers


6 Burlington County Parks  Check out the online interactive map

 NJ State Forests and State Parks

Wharton State Forest – South/SW Branch Headwaters

Brendan Byrne State Forest – N Branch Headwaters

Rancocas State Park

Whites Bog State of NJ Historic Village (Annual Blueberry Festival)

New Jersey Pine Barrens National Reserve (Headwaters)

Tidal Segment Flows into the Delaware River and Estuary

Texas Phosphorous Plant

NJ Permitted Hunting and Trapping

Willingboro – Shipyard, Mill Creek, Ferry’s, Graveyard of Tugs and Barges, Annual Jazz Festival

Swamp Poodle, Main Stem, Riverside

Delanco Crossing and Hawk Island


Delaware River and Estuary

Tide-Water Ecology

Delaware River Pennsylvania Water Trail

Water Connection to the Ports of Camden and Philadelphia

Year Round Climate


N Branch Mt. Holly High Tide

"A Healthy Paddle" Kayaking, Other Services

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