Kayaking and Raptors Along the Rancocas Creek Water Trail

We kayaking and others involved in multi-use activities along the Rancocas Creek Water Trail must follow the tenets of “Leave No Trace”. Take nothing but memories and photos and leave nothing but ripples behind. Spring is coming. Do not disturb wildlife. It is not cool nor is it appropriate to see how close you can get to wildlife for a selfie. We are visitors to the wild areas. Treat such access w respect. Much like you would not welcome bone-heads in your house wildlife do not welcome bone-heads on Rancocas Creek Water Trail. Infographic is for Raptors, Eagles, Hawks, and Owls but is appropriate for all wildlife.

Adopt a Creek 20 March 2021

Over along Eastern border of NJ’s Rancocas State Park, March 20. Saturday. 9AM. Adopt a Creek Work Party. Timbuctoo Way-Point Creek Mile 16.5. Expect to get wet, muddy and cold. Hand tools only. Objective restore landform (Grubb’s Run Outflow) w ecology (tidal marsh) via improved water flow dynamics. text 609-456-9344 for details

Timbuctoo Marsh and Grubb’s Run

Out and about on high tide. Note access to Timbuctoo Way-Point Rancocas Creek Water Trail mile 16.5. Kayak into Grubb’s Run outflow only on a high tide. Low tide is passable but you are unable to close into creek bank. At low tide kayaking up (North) Grubb’s Run is not feasible. Plan and scout your paddle plan accordingly. While you are stopping at the Timbuctoo way-point check out the Timbuctoo Historical Society . Please see an exemplary website for details on Westampton’s Village of Timbuctoo. For here along NJ’s Rancocas Creek North Branch, here under the North Star, here under silent, whispering cedar tree’s, here a never ending breeze sits upon hallowed ground. Respect heritage, respect tradition, respect honor. Leave No Trace. Take Nothing But Pictures leave Nothing But a Ripple behind.

Rancocas Pathways, Naturally text 609-456-9344