Small but alarming pattern of people not wearing pfds while kayaking

there is in south jersey a small alarming pattern of people kayaking n not wearing a pfd. They brag about through social media. Not wearing a pfd while kayaking is foolish. Injury is preferable n predictable a Haddon matrix developed for water safety spells out counter measures to enhance water safety. Wearing a pfd is the number one thing apetson can do to enhance safe kayaking

Ship Wrecks and Water Trails

Check out how Australia incorporates historic ship wrecks into the landscape of a water trail. They are not the only ones. Upper Peninsula of MI water trail does the same. Del River Port Area is ripe w ship wrecks and sites of all sorts and character. Attest to to Phila/Camden/Manuta Creek/Rancocas Creek/Darby Creek /Wilmington/Camden Back Channe/ Camden Light Ship and numerous other locations hold down at low tide heritage awaiting exposure. Notable tide into Inpdendence Seaport and Camden Maritime Musuems and these Ports respective historic vessels.

Rancocas Creek Kayak Rentals

Experience, Explore, Discover, Relaxation. Rancocas Creek Water Trail. Launch from Mt. Holly National Historic District. Float of the tides, dance among sun dabbled reflections, see a sunrise, watch a sunset…Paddle on down. Kayak rentals, guided excursions, experienced guides. Follow the paths of those who arrived in 1613 and before. Listen to an eagle call your name.

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