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Rancocas Creek and Delaware River maritime affairs are joined at the hip. Since the early 1600’s until today the maritime evolves w commerce. From sailing shallops to modern vsls the Rancocas has touched them all. The Delaware River Estuary is the one of larget fresh water Ports in the world.

Since 1941, the Delaware River Main Channel has been maintained at a depth of 40 ft (12 m). A 102.5-mile stretch of this federal navigation channel, from Philadelphia and Camden to the mouth of the Delaware Bay is a dredged channel

Noise Plot – Delaware River – Burlington Island. Not factored in ambient issues and echoes from local mid-channel land-forms. An Average Jet Ski runs 75 to 125 dB. If your paddling stay alert for maritime traffic. They can’t see you and they can’t hear you. Stay out of the main shipping channel is at all feasible. Paddle Safe

Major ports and facilities along the river are the Port of Philadelphia, the Port of Camden and the South Jersey Port Corporation, the Port of Paulsboro, the Port of Wilmington, and Delaware City Refinery.

In 2015, the ports of Philadelphia, Camden, and Wilmington handled 100 million tons of cargo from 2,243 ship arrivals, and supported 135,000 direct or indirect jobs. The biggest category of imports was fruit, carried by 490 ships, followed by petroleum, and containers, with 410 and 381 ships, respectively. The biggest category of exports was of shipping was containers, with 470 ships.

The Maritime Exchange of Delaware River and Bay is the thread woven among the maritime heritage of the Delaware River.

With the larger vessels and their evolution over the years Delaware River Navigation is nothing like its past. Find areas of a 1770’s British Admiralty Chart of the Delaware River, position of naval forces and such. Time brings about change and on the Delaware that anchors maritime affairs and an open Federal navigation channel.

A heritage of shipyards and a maritime heritage to beat the band, with a dynamic, robust, vibrant maritime community of commerce. From the founding of Ports along the River in the 1600’s so do has been present houses of commerce.

Independence Seaport Museum, the Battleship New Jersey (BB-62) Museum, the Maritime Exchange of the Delaware River and Bay, the Coalition for the Delaware River, the Delaware Riverkeeper and numerous organizations, associations and individuals all conduct top-notch work as advocates for maritime and environmental issues and market concerns along the Federal Delaware River maritime channel.

Back in the day, sailing shallops were like a pick-up truck. No roads, water was means for transport and commerce.

“January 1st 1910, I found the Delaware River thick w 8 inch think ice. All 3 of the City’s Ice Boats are in operation and at their station” J Harsskarl, Director City of Philadelphia Ice Boats (note to self, Port Wardens during this period facilitated safe maritime operations and collected port tariffs)

If you want to paddle year-round on some quality paddling conditions, the Delaware River is the bridge to wet, wild, wonderful, water-centric adventure, inside an active, working, thriving ports. All connected by hiking trails, walking paths, greenways, parks and more.

City of Philadelphia Ice Boats and Dredges. Landed at Philadelphia Dept of Corrections Wharf. The City has had ice boats since before the 1870’s. Ice was also transported by special barges from inland tidal ponds where ice was harvested.

Delaware Riverfront is a walking trail connecting Central Philadelphia riverfront parks to North and South Philadelphia Parks and walking trails. All within easy walking distance of Independence National Park.

Camden’s Own

Delaware River Water Trail connects the tidal flow of the Delaware to fresh waters above Trenton and Yardley. These trails and walking path connect to the Delaware Valley Heritage Trail. Connecting also are numerous water trails of the Delaware River and Valley. Schuylkill River Greenway National Heritage Area is put one of the exemplary places to paddle. Another is (besides the Rancocas Creek) is the State of Pennsylvania Tidal Delaware Water Trail.

Large Size Elevated Placement of American Flag. Contact Rancocas Pathways for particulars and sliding scale donation. All proceeds benefit the Rancocas State Park Bluewater Trail.

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