Migratory Wildlife Rancocas Stop Over

Rancocas Creek tidewaters are an artery for migratory wildlife. Birds and aquatic wildlife pass (migrate) through the tidewater and non-tidewater areas of the Rancocas  Creek Watershed.  Long-distance migration, one of the most physically demanding events in the animal kingdom makes the Rancocas as a stopover site (resting and getting food) en-route to winter  grounds and summer breeding locations. Migratory wildlife is dependent on tidal and freshwater wetlands and riparian areas such as that found in the Rancocas Creek Watershed.

These interactive dynamic maps from National Geographic Society highlight aspects of bird migration.

Fish and eels use the Rancocas for migration and spawning.   Striped Bass,  Eels, Shad, Herring are some of the species of fish that migrate on the Rancocas Creek.


One of the first things involved in conservation is keeping track of one’s sightings.   The Delaware Valley Ornithological Club (est in 1890) checklists of birds is an exemplary way to keep track of one’s sightings when out and about in the Rancocas Creek Watershed.

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