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Stewardship, responsibility and accountability; while having fun and being outdoors. Follow the links to the Learning through Discovery areas of Rancocas Pathways. Programs are held at your location, along the creek and down at Melpine Landing.

Rancocas Discovery Programs encompass Natural History/Heritage/Conservation. Programs are Dynamic, Vibrant and Participatory

Please find enclosed w our compliments brochures on 2 of Rancocas Pathways Signature Outreach Programs

Programs run year round.  Locally here in the Rancocas Creek Watershed we try to incorporate the Rancocas Creek in all activities.  Activities are tailored to your level of experience and knowledge.   There is no set, specific, program.   Hence each activity is tailored to you.   As for kids and youth its the same.   We look to connect people of all ages to fun, outdoor activity, wellness and enjoyment.

Programs are likewise tailored for groups and or communities.  Our belief is that getting hands-on w such activities one gains a greater awareness of the natural world and with such awareness comes a willingness to help preserve and protect the wild areas of the region and area.  

We will travel to other locations for such things.   In the Fall we went kayaking down in the tidal marshes of the Jersey Shore,  some other folks went rock climbing.  A trip to Acadia National Park w Winter hiking along the ocean is a top notch experience.  The time of activities depends on your schedule.  We adapt and adjust activities to your time frame and mind set.    As for gear we can supply gear as needed though more often then not we provide suggestions for folks to bring gear.   Your safety is paramount.   Likewise having fun.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Rancocas Creek Water Trail.

Paddle on down.


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