Pollution, source and non source point run-off, salt from roads and byways, noise, motors, trash, dumping ground, the Rancocas Creek Watershed encounters its fair share. A review of statistics of material and trash pulled from the N Branch Mt. Holly Oxbow shows predominate plastics, followed by metal, followed by large items.

The Creek is not a toilet. Don’t treat it as such. Set a personal objective to not toss stuff in the creek. Participate in Adopt a Creek events, an Environmental Cmte Creek clean-up, attend municipal and creek centric events. Get outside. Help preserve and restore the Rancocas Creek Watershed waters, tidal and non-tidal.

Source and Non Source Stormwater Material from NJ Association of Environmental Commissions (ANJEC) https://www.anjec.org/StormwaterABCs.htm

Map shows some of the impaired waters of the Rancocas Creek Watershed. There are a few issues w cause of impaired waters. Contact Pathways for info: ingvarja@verizon.net

Clean water impacts our health, safety and wellness. US Public Health Service Places the Rancocas Creek Watershed in the Delaware River Drainage Area. Yellow shading on map appreciates the West Jersey drainages into the Delaware River, Pink shading marks the extent of tide and red dots highlight communities.

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