Adopt A Creek

“Adopt a Creek” is a way to involve individuals, groups and community as a way to engage people and the Rancocas Creek. Adopt a Creek is directly modeled on the Access Funds “Adopt a Crag” program of community engagement that enhances public access and conserves climbing areas.

Click the link to read over the Rancocas Creek Adopt a Creek manual. All ways looking for suggestions and improvements.

Adopt a Creek recognizes the value of people and vounteers as part of the water trail. Adopt a Creek is a narrative and vocabulary of people.

Adopt a Creek is an innovative way to enhance public access along the Rancocas and promote water quality. Adopt a Creek helps paddlers and non-paddlers alike to gain interest in weather conditions, time of the observation, tide, water levels (in non-tidal areas), wildlife, herons, hawks, eagles, owls, birds, turtles, snakes, fishes, frogs, mussels, flowers, etc… Basically Adopt A Creek is a general narrative of your experiences on the Rancocas Creek.

Adopt a Creek anchors “Leave No Trace” principles and maintaining a good relationship w communities along the Creek. Where actions speak louder then words in a collaborative manor. Take nothing put pictures, leave nothing but a wake behind. Individuals form the mosaic of that which is the ecological fabric and heritage quilt of the Rancocas Creek’s 360 square mile watershed.

April 13 Adopt a Creek has all day activities. Registration kicks off at 9AM. 1 High Street at Rowan Collage of Burlington County. Creek Clean Up 10-12. Lunch on your own in Mt. Holly. Afternoon events include Mt. Holly Environmental Cmte, college students from “The College of NJ” and the Rancocas Creek Watershed Ambassador conducting a biosurvey. After programs and a naturalist lead kayak tour of the Mt. Holly Oxbow, Timbuctoo and the Rancocas Natural Area, Rancocas Creek Mile 18.

Join us for a day of fun, healthy activity and recreation while supporting local commerce. Your e-mail address is not shared w any organizations unless you ask RP to be included. Contact

Rancocas Pathways, Naturally text 609-456-9344

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