D2D Field Notebook

Welcome to “RACNOBS” a D2D (Day to Day) log of your paddling experience. Specifically RACNOBS is collecting material for an Environmental Resource Inventory (ERI) of the Rancocas Creek Water Trail and the Rancocas State Park Bluewater Trail.

RACNOBS places people on the water trail and recognizes people as part of the water trail. RACNOBS is a narrative and vocabulary of people.

RACNOBS is an innovative way to gather field observations from individuals who are there at place at a time along the water trail. Enter below material in the message section. Of great interest are weather conditions, time of the observation, tide, water levels (in non-tidal areas), wildlife, herons, hawks, eagles, owls, birds, turtles, snakes, fishes, frogs, mussels, flowers, etc… Basically this is a general narrative of your experiences on the Rancocas Creek.

Do Not Attempt to catch anything. Take nothing put pictures, leave nothing but a wake behind. Your observation help form the mosaic of that which is the ecological fabric and heritage quilt of the Rancocas Creek’s 360 square mile watershed.

Findings will be published on-line and provide a heads up for others to stay alert for an interesting areas. So the more ops the merrier.

For data first name only followed by your age. Your e-mail address is not shared w any organizations unless you ask RP to be included. Contact ingvarja@verizon.net

Rancocas Pathways: Where a rising tide lifts all boats….and boots *

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