Adopt A Creek

and video of 5th Year Anniversary of Nomination of Rancocas Creek as a National Water Trail

“Adopt a Creek” is a way to involve individuals, groups and community as a way to engage people and the Rancocas Creek. Adopt a Creek is directly modeled on the Access Funds “Adopt a Crag” program of community engagement that enhances public access and conserves climbing areas. Adopt a Creek Fusion of Art, Music, Access, Conservation, Community.

Northampton String Band-Local Artists-Captain Nick (Mt. Holly, Head of Tide, N Branch Rancocas Creek)

A Manual to Make Your Adopt a Creek Successful

Click the link to read over the Rancocas Creek Adopt a Creek manual. All ways looking for suggestions and improvements.

Adopt a Creek events and activities along the Rancocas Creek have been ongoing year-round since the 2014. Adopt a Creek Events are held throughout the 360 Square Mile Rancocas Creek Watershed.

Adopt a Creek recognizes the value of community, people and volunteers as part of the water trail. Adopt a Creek is a narrative and vocabulary of people.

Adopt a Creek is an proven, established way to enhance public access along the Rancocas and promote water quality. Adopt a Creek helps paddlers and non-paddlers alike to gain interest in weather conditions, time of the observation, tide, water levels (in non-tidal areas), wildlife, herons, hawks, eagles, owls, birds, turtles, snakes, fishes, frogs, mussels, flowers, etc… Basically Adopt A Creek is a general narrative of your experiences on the Rancocas Creek.

Adopt a Creek anchors “Leave No Trace” principles and maintaining a good relationship w communities along the Creek. Where actions speak louder then words in a collaborative manor. Take nothing put pictures, leave nothing but a wake behind. Individuals form the mosaic of that which is the ecological fabric and heritage quilt of the Rancocas Creek’s 360 square mile watershed.

An example of the April 13, 2019 Adopt a Creek wasan all day activities. Registration kicked off at 9AM. 1 High Street at Rowan Collage of Burlington County. Creek Clean Up 10-12. Lunch on your own in Mt. Holly. Afternoon events include Mt. Holly Environmental Cmte, college students from “The College of NJ” and the Rancocas Creek Watershed Ambassador conducting a biosurvey. After programs and a naturalist lead kayak tour of the Mt. Holly Oxbow, Timbuctoo and the Rancocas Natural Area, Rancocas Creek Mile 18.

Zap along questions on Adopt a Creek. We are ready to help you w your own Adopt A Creek. Join us for a day of fun, healthy activity and recreation while supporting local community and commerce. Your e-mail address is not shared w any organizations unless you ask RP to be included. Contact

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