NEC Energy Micro-Grids

Welcome to NEC Energy, LLC. NEC Energy President Gene Johnson has put together a team reflective of following his anchored matrix of “Poor Preparation = Poor Performance”. NEC is a decentralized business reliant on computer technology and social media platforms that cultivates diversity and a willingness to explore, design, develop and cultivate sustainable alternative energy micro-grids. These hybrid micro-grids leverage natural resources to harvest year-round sustainable energy.

NEC Energy LLC. evolves and harvests results of specific market and energy modes. Ongoing assessments of possible synergies spans the Mid-Atlantic States and the Delmarva Peninsula.

NEC Energy LLC takes seriously the ideals of stewardship and community engagement. Local insight and community engagement facilitate development, design and operational nodes. Attention to alternative energy impacts to community’s is codified by NJ State Law 14.8-1.2 Social Impact.

Landscape Narrative Summer Engineering Camp

NEC Energy LLC. takes it one step further by hosting an alternative energy summer camp. Traditional technology is explored by participants as they wind there way through the wonderful natural wild resources of the 360 square mile tidal and non-tidal Rancocas Creek watershed. Rain or shine, Summer Camp base camp is found at 25B Church Street, Mt. Holly. Registration is open for 12 participants. Camp runs 8AM – 5PM Monday through Friday. Hand’s-On activity and indoor modules are conducted by experienced naturalists, conservationists and guides. Starts July 6th and runs until August 30. Open to ages 12 -17. Contact Pathways – text 609-456-9344 or . Scholarships available.

State of NJ 5 3 2022

Indoor Rock Climbing at Rancocas Pathways Indoor Classrooms 25B Church Street

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