Why Choose Rancocas Pathways?

Why Choose Rancocas Pathways? Experience. Knowledge. Skilled. Stewardship. Professional. Local. We have worked as professional guides and trip leaders since the early 1980’s. We grew up on the Rancocas Creek. We know secret little places to escape the maelstrom around us. Not only here in South Jersey but throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. We kayak and are outdoors year-round. We follow Swedish principles of “fika”….Slow Down and Enjoy Life’s Smaller Things” allows us to spread the tincture of health benefits of enhanced well-being.

The Forks of the Rancocas

Kayak Rentals and Personally Guided Kayak Based Nature Tours

John Anderson Program Director 1970 there about and then in an about 2020

Rancocas Pathways, Naturally text 609-456-9344

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