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Risk Management 4 Paddling. 

Rancocas Pathways Guided Kayak Excursions comply w  USCG Regulations 33 CFR 175.15 (PFD’s) / 33 CFR 88.33 (whistles)  / 33 CFR 83.25 (vsls under oars lighting) and 33 CFR  175.110 (visual distress signals) and NJ State Marine Police regulations for boating.

Reviewing, reading and discussing an introduction to risk management is a requirement for any person involved in Rancocas Pathways events.  Trip leaders are expected to place safety first and foremost and maintain safe paddling events.  Trip leaders are required to use personal initiative to safely enhance public access.

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If one is a trip leader, or is volunteering at a Pathways paddling event, or if one is leading a Pathways trip or excursion and or if you want to facilitate safety when out paddling these links and additional readings below illustrate basic and fundamental areas of risk management of paddling.

Pathways anchors a systematic approach to injury control and risk management centered on the Haddon Prinicples and Matrix.  Rancocas Pathways examines and dissects potential and actual situations that allows and or causes participants and trip leaders to apply appropriate strategies to minimize the potential for injury.  Using proper risk management Pathways trip leaders develop decision-making skills for better identification of risk, increased safety, and prevention of injuries or fatalities.

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Reduce the probability and severity of accidents.  Risk is an essential element in the conduct of any of Rancocas Pathways guided paddling excursions or adventure programs.
Trip Leaders are required to present either a verbal or written paddle / float plan before any Rancocas Pathways event and or excursion.  Trip leaders are required to meet Safe Paddling practices, using best management procedures that follow an enhanced standard of care, on all issues pertaining to and for risk management, injury control leading to enhanced public access.  Failure to meet the standard is negligence, and any person or organization proven negligent is liable for any damages caused by such negligence. The standard is not subject to a precise definition and is judged on a case-by-case basis. Pathways gold standard is:  Safety First.
Can good judgment lead to a misadventure?  Good judgment and decision making characterize effective outdoor leaders.

These links, other additional recommended readings, attending seminars and briefings increase ones ability to mitigate risk.   Safety is not a compromise, Safety is the benchmark of enhanced public access and Safety anchors Rancocas Pathways programs.






Additional Readings

Outdoor Emergency Care, Bowman.

Management of Wilderness and Environmental Emergencies, Auerbach and Geehr

NOLS and Outward Bound Safety Material

American Canoe Association material on safe paddling

Insurance Risk Management Techniques and Procedures

Rancocas Pathways Policy and Procedure Manual

Haddon Matrix, University of Alberta Injury Control in Outdoor Recreation

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