Heritage on the Rancocas Creek Water Trails is traced back 6,000 years when Native Americans traversed the Watershed. Along the RCWT topography attests to those long past. Before that Mossaurs and associates swam these waters. From marl banks lead to sand mines and bulk commerce. Sailing shallops to steam tugs, 400 years the Rancocas has served navigation. Facts and fables, rumors and tales, “Texas” or Bust…Participants visit sites and explore the foundations of natural history and the eco-systems of the Rancocas Creek waters.

2 Minute Video “What I Love About the Rancocas Creek, Part 1”
Produced by Heidi Winzinger Documentaries, Mt. Holly, Rancocas Creek Mile 16=5.

From the Revolutionary War to today’s multi use activities man’s imprints on the ecology and natural history of the tide-waters and non-tidal waters anchor deep.

Above Leed’s Wharf. Creek side agriculture lead to sailing vsls to the CARIB market and Delaware River Ports. Remains serve as focal points for diversity.
Ship ribs and remains abound. Excellent locations for exploration and observation of tides and scientific issues of clean water on the Rancocas
Rancocas Creek Navigation Channel. Dredged: Past/Present and Future. Multi-Use
1875 Navigation Chart of the Rancocas. Today paddlers id site locations and record observations that enhance access and promotes water quality.
Heritage runs deep. Melpine Landing, Rancocas State Park Bluewater Trail CM 19.

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