Mouth of the Rancocas Creek

Paddling Map Mouth of the Rancocas Creek. Sights: Expansive vista’s, viewsheds, 1850 Riverfront Estate, hiking, tidal flows, rafts of diving ducks, easy of parking, undeveloped landing, Amico and Hawk Island, Delanco, Riverside, Dredge Harbor. Access via Public Transportation, Drink a Boast. Stay alert for motorized vessels, stay out of main shipping channel, leave a float plan, wear a PFD, use s spray skirt if you have one. Paddle gloves, hat, neoprene as required. Bring snacks, stop along the paddle path for Riverside snacking, Cross to the PA side. Explore the old Dutch Anchorage. Jump off for Philadelphia or Burlington. Paddle on up the main steam. Paddle down.

Click to Download Map of Mouth of Rancocas Creek

Mouth Rancocas Creek


Detailed Maps of Landings and Launches.  Gated Access points are either Municipal or Private Landings.   Hours of Access are Posted.  Click here for maps

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