Rancocas Creek Rancocas State Park Wishbone

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Activity Map Rancocas State Park Bluewater Trail

Rancocas Pathways Guided Kayak Excursions comply w  USCG Regulations 33 CFR 175.15 (PFD’s) / 33 CFR 88.33 (whistles)  / 33 CFR 83.25 (vsls under oars lighting) and 33 CFR  175.110 (visual distress signals) and NJ State Marine Police regulations for boating/kayaking.

Paddle notes for the Rancocas State Park Paddle Trail

Mt. Holly to Hainesport County Boat Ramp – 8 Miles around 4 Hours Paddling

Mt. Holly to Melpine Landing – 6 miles around 3 hours of Paddling

Melpine Landing is gated access only.  Plan are being undertaken to enhance public access.

Bald Eagle is commonly encountered along the Bluewater Trail.  Also Raptors, Owls, Hawks, Sandpipers, Beaver, Otter, Muskrat, Deer. Paddle into the State of NJ Natural Area. Spend time on the Timbuctoo Creek front.  Visit Long Bridge County Park.

Chill at the confluence.

Detailed Maps of Landings and Launches.  Gated Access points are either Municipal or Private Landings.   Hours of Access are Posted.  Click here for maps

Fishing, Trapping and Hunting is tops. If your paddling follow NJ Hunting and Fish and Game Laws.

Stay alert for sand-bars, shallows, currents, winds, waves, multi-use.

You can see them but they can’t see a kayak in the creek.  Paddle Safe.

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