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Winter Ecology Roundtable

Ever wonder what occurs to nature during the cold, winter weather? What is life like for all those little critters? How does the Rancocas Creek watershed sustain its winter ecosystems? Are you curious as to how a frog, turtle, heron or hawk manage to survive the winter? Come on down to the Rancocas Pathways-sponsored ‘Winter Ecology’ seminar and join us in a rousing cheer for the first day of spring!


This open forum (free to the public) will cover ice harvests, ecology and conservation, and quite a bit more. The goal of the roundtable is to serve as a catalyst for further interest in, and discovery along, the Rancocas. While our roundtable will be held indoors, attendees may want to sneak away for some easy and pleasant kayaking on the Mt. Holly Village Oxbow. Kayak rentals will be available and all proceeds support Rancocas Pathway’s Education is Fun, Naturally youth programs.

The roundtable will be held rain or shine while fully acknowledging the Garden State’s mid-March weather is often what we might charitably call a genuine adventure. We look forward to seeing you there. In the interim, feel free to drop us a line, if you have any questions or care to volunteer a little time on this activity. Your support really does make a big difference!

Our March roundtable is the first of a series of seasonal public forums and educational events tied the health, preservation and improvement of the Rancocas Creek and Watershed and the quality of life for all–to include our wildlife friends–who call it home.

Zap back any questions to the Rancocas Pathway’s program director at:

2019 Rancocas Creek Seal Census

Update 4 Delaware River/Rancocas Creek 2019 seal census.  NOAA and others say stay 150 feet away  from seals if encountered RP favors giving seals a 500 foot space.  RP is compiling a list of actual and possible sightings and the not exact  locations. So zap back any sightings: Tip of the hat thanks to NJ Marine Mammal Stranding Center for Guidelines.

Adopt a Creek PARTY

Adopt a Creek P.A.R.T.Y. Rancocas Creek Water Trail, Mt. Holly Oxbow Flood Channel and Mill Race Spring Clean-up. Support Local Commerce Before, During and After Paddling and or Time Trial Kayak Races. For beta zap back a note.

Coates Bar, Rancocas River

Summary of Coates Bar and Rancocas River dredging. Coates Bar was once found at the entrance of Mill Creek on the Rancocas. Mile 25 enjoys a fascinating history. This is where tides run rapid and at full force. West of Willingboro, Rancocas shoals can emerge aggressively, as tidal action tend to accentuate given ever-closer proximity to the Delaware River.

The beach at Mill Creek Park has become an informal landing for PWC and other vessels. The beach is also used by Willingboro residents for fishing, paddling access and relaxation along the creek. It’s a mere 5-minute walk from Mill Creek ‘s parking lot (for free!) along the marl-shelf overlooking one of the most expansive viewsheds between the Delaware River and the confluence of the Creek’s north and south branches. At low-tide, the Willingboro Flats offer welcome refuge to sandpipers, herons, hawks, eagles, and the occasional seal (and, of course, much more).

The Coates Bar Booklet is undergoing some editing. US Army Corps of Engineer reports of tide-water creeks and rivers of the late 1800s is available online. All the archival photos and accompanying discussion taking place is quite informative. Click here for the “in-development” booklet. Please note that the “cut and barge” diagram will be repositioned.