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2020 Rancocas Pathways COVID policies

All participants will follow Rancocas Pathways 2020 Rancocas Pathways COVID policies and procedures. Your health and safety while paddling is our greatest priority. A registered nurse will ask you questions about possible COVID exposures before you kayak or get involved in any program or activity of Pathways. Do not hesitate to contact Rancocas Pathways at 609-876-3086 if you have any questions, concerns or issues. Paddle on down , having Fun, enjoying Safely. Please see below Rancocas Pathways policies and procedures.

Amenities In and Around Mount Holly

Support local business: Before, After and During kayaking, bouldering and just being in Mt. Holly. North Branch, Rancocas Creek. Check out the map of amenities along the Rancocas Creek and within a 2-3 block walk from Mill Race Village. Rancocas Pathways Kayak Livery Office is found at 25 B Church Street. Text us a message for reservations, rentals, bouldering, programs, kayaking, advocacy: 609-876-3086