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St. Paddy’s day green creek clean-up

N Branch Mt, Holly Channel cleared by folks today. Concerted effort. Large volume of trash cleared and hauled into Monroe Park Dumpster, fallen tree’s and debris removed. Tip of the ole wearing of the green to Bobby L. St. Paddy’s hat. Special thanks to Lippincott’s allowing access to creek bank. Note Lippincott’s has been in the present location smack dab in the middle of the Oxbow since 1901. Back in the day they moved Rancocas Sand products and other extractive resources. Today, sand, brick, fuel, stone, gravel and the like. Heritage business on the Rancocas. Support Local Commerce.

Jeepers, Peepers, Spring Peepers a calling

Spring is spring.

Migrants moving up the creek. Fish, early spring warblers, spring peppers, hawks, killi-fish all over the place, crawfish awakening. Spring is sprung, though note last year end of March there was a snow-fall,

Spring Peeper

Out and about, Pseudacris crucifer a peeping away. The little spring peeper, its chorus echoes off of marshy wetlands and riparian buffer ponds of RCrk watershed. here under the N Branch Cedars a peeping away, likewise down at Melpine, Hainesport, Rancocas Natural Area. be way quiet when your out and about the peepers whose call is strongest after dusk. Elusive little folks. The Northern Spring Peeper only achieves snout-vent lengths of 1.9 to 3.2 cm (3/4 to 1 1/4 inches). The defining characteristic of this frog is the dark “X” on its back. Sometimes this pattern is unclear. The skin is smooth and the ground color of the Northern Spring Peeper is some combination of yellow, brown, tan, reddish, or olive. Small discs are present on each toe. A faint line extends across the crown between the eyes. Males have a midline vocal sac. photo is from Monmouth County Parks Frogs in the Park brochure. If you catcth full orchestra sit back and enjoy the “ride”. Truly one of natures NJ’s wonders…

Infor link to conserve NJ info sheet on spring peeper.…/ensp/pdf/species/spring_peeper.pdf

Promote Awareness for Adopt-A-Creek

Out paddling the oxbow, today. Quite a mess! Adopt-a-Creek event will be on 13 April in historic Mt. Holly Village. Invite extended to all—come out for a fun-filled day of clean up along the Rancocas. The winter season was harsh on this little gem of a waterway, and it’s probably fair to say our creek could use a bit of “tincture of time on the tides.”

Adopt-a-Creek is modeled on Access Funds’ Adopt-a -Crag events. The Mt. Holly Oxbow needs little help from all who paddle the creek or trek along the emergent Rancocas Greenway. The day’s activities are no-cost and meals are on your own. An afternoon “Sudz on the Creek” paddle will be led by Rancocas Pathways’ program director. All legal-age paddlers are welcome to visit creek-side restaurants, pubs and a local distillery in support of local businesses, as Mt. Holly continues plans for a downtown renaissance. Do expect plenty of mud and prepare for wet conditions.

Feel free to zap any questions to John Anderson at: See you on the 13th! In the interim, start limbering-up those shoulders for some early spring paddling.

FYI: Rancocas Pathways recently secured state approval for significant road improvements into Melpine Landing over at Rancocas State Park. This is a most welcome development for all who love discovering the great outdoors! Help keep this ‘Rolling on the Rancocas’ momentum going!!