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Six Major Tidewater Rivers of NJ Pinelands National Reserve Maritime Landscapes

Six major tidewater navigable waters of the NJ Pinelands National Reserve have documented cargos to Delaware River Ports going back to pre-Revolutionary Days. Sand barges and tugs from mid 1800’s to date. (testing link and presentation before sending off to Sec of Interior Office, obliged and thanking all who helped put this together. See link for 500 slides and videos of the NJ Pinelands National Reserve Maritime Cultural Landscape. (ps scoping out Delaware River maritime cultural landscapes)

Rancocas Creek “Glow Rocks”

Tales along the Rancocas Creek going back as far as people knew of the Rancocas Creek were these stories of “glowing rocks” on the Rancocas. Lots of folks heard tell but well not many would commitment to first hand knowledge. Which is how tales and fables start. A question now arises of quartzite vs. phosphorus? Enclosed video introduces Rancocas Creek “Glow Rocks”. 1 minute video best viewed in dark room. Editing material for best presentations. Me, I prefer, pretty cool, either way its fine thing to enhance public awareness of the Rancocas Creek and promote multi-use public access.

Rancocas Creek “Glow Rocks”