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On the Horizon, June 2018 Stats

June 2018 Patron Use Stats

Reflective of the decrease in patron use in June as compared w the last 2 years was the Melpine Landing access road washing out on 11 June and enough rain-fall that brought about flood waters and unsafe paddling

conditions along the Rancocas State Park Bluewater and the Mt. Holly Water Trails.   Access was accordingly limited.   It was interesting to note that when the ML access gate is open and word of mouth is zapped

about on social media a well-defined increase in visitors take place.   22 June saw 38 visitors visit ML in one afternoon.   Cleaning up from these high waters advances w Adopt a Creek events being put together for low water conditions in July and August.   A ERI of the water trail is well under-weigh.  Discussions to running a kayak trail from Melpine down to Delanco on the main stem are under a robust goose-winged sail…  Way stops down along the Burlington County Greenway , and into Willingboro and the cove of wrecked sand barges. South Bank, likewise.

Additional letters of endorsement have been collected including those from the Pinelands Preservation Alliance and Burlington County BSA.   Pending are those from the Rancocas Creek Association and some of the farmers out in the Pines.   Attending a recent Burlington County Historical round-table allows discussions w Southampton, Delran, Willingboro and other local community groups.  This aspect of the water trail, community endorsements, is carefully cultivated.  A harvest and energy of community involvement is crux to sustaining public access along the Rancocas Creek Watershed water trails.

Noting corresponding increases in volunteer hours to get ML access road drivable and implement enhanced access parameters via a parking area at the gate proper.  Kayak excursions for RNC are well attended w very positive feedback.

Risk management has been enhanced though water trail volunteers becoming CPR certified by Westampton Township Fire Department.  A friendly two-way discourse is maintained to local shops that sell and service PWC, Jet Skis and motor boats.

ML and water trail access continues to evolve.  It is of further interest to see the market for the water trail expand from residents of Mt. Holly and the Rancocas Valley.   While last year the market was concentrated to local communities in June the predominate

number of visitors to the water trail and ML were from outside the Rancocas Valley.   This pattern will be continued to be monitored.  Changes are under-weigh to support enhanced access to ML and the RSP Bluewater and the Mt. Holly Water Trails.

Am obliged for the signage.  Extend an open invite to paddle on down.   😊

Public Advisory Notice: Melpine Landing

Public Advisory Notice. Per NJ State Park Service. Do not drive across the farm field or on the farm road. Please respect parking signs. Do not block highway cones. Emergency access vehicles only. Gated access via authorized vehicles only. The issue w the access road is currently being worked on. Please be patient as access is enhanced. Full details to be posted on the web site for Rancocas Pathways, here on Rancocas Facebook page and on SJ Kayakers. Help spread the wordage. This is a temporary issue that is a step on the path to maintain access to Melpine and the Rancocas State Park Bluewater Trail. Kayak shuttles can be arranged…. Expect frequent updates to the access road and parking issue. Zap John Anderson, Director Rancocas Pathways any questions or concerns: or text: 609.876.3086