Melpine Landing

Friends of Melpine Landing (FOML) was established to help improve public access at Rancocas State Park’s Melpine Landing while promoting what we now call the Rancocas State Park Bluewater Trail passing through mile-marker 19.

During the upcoming year, and in coordination with Rancocas Pathways, FOML is actively planning some much-needed improvements to the main access road into Melpine Landing. We are also assessing renovations to the manor home, as a viable spot for storage, logistical support, and various administrative requirements.

This activity will occur as the farm road gets drained. The causeway road is no longer accessible, so it is blocked. The emergency access road is flagged off, as the road’s edges are increasingly showing signs of collapse.

A very important way the public can lend a hand in our efforts is to consistently practice “Leave No Trace” principles during visits to the Landing and others spots in the state park.

Until further notice, Melpine Landing will have limited vehicular access. Volunteers are always welcome, of course, and Rancocas Pathways remains ever grateful for the support the state park continues to enjoy from its many friends and supporters.

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