Adopt a Creek

Adopt a Creek is a grass root community oriented program that enhances Rancocas Creek watershed stewardship,  facilitates paddling, encourages paddle sports and prFull page photo_0001omotes multi-use recreation on the Rancocas Creek; Adopt a Creek anchors programs and actions that support cleaning the creek and improving water quality through conservation; and advocates paddle safety.

Adopt a Creek events are held year round.

Mt. Holly Oxbow Channel Adopt a Creek

Adopt a Creek is a mindset, a philosophy of action, of doing.  Adopt a Creek is how YOU get involved in the Creek and the Water Trail.  Multi-use = Multi-Use.  Don’t paddle ? float down to Melpine. Don’t float ? Ski down to Melpine.  Follow the Tide, Share the Ride
For details on the August 2017 Mt. Holly Oxbow Paddle Festivus and Adopt a Creek Event Contact Pathways:

Funding “Adopt a Creek” programs and maintaining the Rancocas State Park Bluewater Trail….   Volunteers are crux.  Come out and enjoy paddling and helping out along the Rancocas Creek.    There is always something to be done…  Check schedule for events…

Seasonal Jersey Fresh Agriculture sales.   2018 Farm Season opens w Field Run, Unsorted Naturally Grown Jersey Fresh Asparagus.   Offered to availability.    Pending fiddleheads and black berries.

Donations:  Contact Pathways for questions on donations.  John Anderson, Director

Grants:  Approved grants are acknowledged appropriately.

Free Market Environmentalism anchors on kayak excursions, programs, outreach and other activities.

Check out the link to A Manual to Make Adopt a Creek a Success

Mt. Holly Rancocas Creek N Branch Mt. Holly Oxbow and 1941 Flood Channel. Connect to the Burlington County Canoe Trail and the Rancocas State Park Bluewater Multi-Use Water Trail.



Brief Paddling Notes for Mt. Holly:    Launch Iron Works Park.  Low tide launch Monroe Street Park.  Paddle down the Robins Nest or paddle down to the High Street Village Idiot Brew Pub (Live Music, Brew Pub, Pizza, Vincents Home Made Ice Cream) Access, Mt. Holly Oxbow Footbridge.  Paddle de oxbow.  Paddle fun, Paddle down and around.  Walking tours of Historic Mt. Holly and its 39 Different National Historical Sites.   Paddle down.  Kayak rentals, proceeds benefit Rancocas Creek N Branch Mt. Holly Oxbow and Flood Channel maintenance, signage and Creek Safety and Introduction to kayaking programs for kids…

Adopt a Creek Funded primarily through the sale of Rancocas Creek Watershed “Jersey Fresh” Farm produce.  Seasonal.   Volunteers encouraged.

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