WELCOME to Rancocas Creek Water Trail .   This site contains much of what you need to know about the Rancocas Creek Water Trail.    The Rancocas Creek National Water Trail (RCNWT)  Initiative , the Rancocas Creek Watershed and the Rancocas Creek’s Paddling with Public Access Plans (maps).

Click for Flip Book of Rancocas Creek Water Trail Natural History and Heritage

Click for Flip Book of Rancocas Creek Water Trail Revolutionary War Heritage

Check out the online Rancocas Creek Online Map portal that blends culture/heritage and natural areas specific to the Rancocas Creek “Wishbone”

Whether your interest is volunteering, educational activities, recreational events or simply finding an ideal location along Rancocas to do little more than soak it all in, we aim to lend a hand.   Maps, tidbits of maritime history, listings of local events and 24/7 access to our Kayak Store are at your disposal.  This is your First Stop as you prepare for a journey along Rancocas Creek.   We hope you’ll stop by for a visit at some point, to learn more about our community-based organization’s emerging plans and our ongoing service to a growing corps of creative youths and their families.


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