Public Advisory Notice: Melpine Landing

Public Advisory Notice. Per NJ State Park Service. Do not drive across the farm field or on the farm road. Please respect parking signs. Do not block highway cones. Emergency access vehicles only. Gated access via authorized vehicles only. The issue w the access road is currently being worked on. Please be patient as access is enhanced. Full details to be posted on the web site for Rancocas Pathways, here on Rancocas Facebook page and on SJ Kayakers. Help spread the wordage. This is a temporary issue that is a step on the path to maintain access to Melpine and the Rancocas State Park Bluewater Trail. Kayak shuttles can be arranged…. Expect frequent updates to the access road and parking issue. Zap John Anderson, Director Rancocas Pathways any questions or concerns: or text: 609.876.3086

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