Kids activity – winter ecology

“Education is fun, Naturally” Kids Activity for Observing Winter Ecology.

Want to See an ice crystal ? Want to take a picture of one? Even though its going to be 50 today, low tide around 430PM, don’t mean one don’t observe, if feasible ice. Photos appreciate ice crystals shapes and how they bond to each other in a clumping manner and fashion.

Kids Activity to Capture and Observe Ice Crystals.

One can obtain photos of ice crystals by leaving a piece of clean glass outside, overnight. background is a black cloth. Snag an eye loupe or a magnifying glass. You can really examine, under various magnifications, the structure of separate crystals.

Discussions on what the ice/frost does, how it gets there, what is frost/ice/snow, when does ice/frost form, critters in the winter and other areas of winter ecology can follow.

LaChapelle’s “Field Guide to Snow Crystals” is an wonderful field guide that helps one id type of crystals. These in the photo are “stellar crystals” (per international snow classification) . Note: radiating assemblage of fern like dendrites.

LaChapelle’s coaches folks in how to observe ice crystals under a microscope. Hint-Shine light onto crystals from the side. Provides best magnified look at ice (is a vice). Another way to to use the flash setting of ones camera. If you really want to see the “wild” side of ice, view the ice crystals under a black-light. The refractory views and colors are tip of that hat tops….

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