Lumberton Historical Society Presentation

400 years of unique, maritime heritage, 6,000 years of Native American habitation and, of course, before that we had those fascinating dinosaurs. Today, a nifty hovercraft provides rescue for people on the S. Branch at Lumberton during a recent flood.

Lumberton’s connections to the Rancocas Creek and to commercial markets and peoples far and wide speaks to its heritage. A vibrant, one-hour discussion, with a “please touch the artifacts” exhibit, aims to enhance public access to the creek while improving overall water quality. Please help us “pass the word” for this mid-winter gathering of friends and neighbors at the Lumberton Historical Society!

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  1. After a 14 mile trip down the Rancocas Creek starting at old BCCC to Iron Works Park with 23 paddlers and 1 Dog Vixy. A few of us decided to camp at the Mt. Holly Dam Creekside and with a fire view. a full moon and a view of Saturn and Jupiter.after a hearty meal fireside, music entertainment. The sound and views of the dam we discussed tides, time and to do it or not while enjoying good laughs with friends that came to enjoy the Feastivities of the 1st Kayak Festival 2021. Mt.Holly, NJ.

    Day 2. How long will it take? I don’t know. Are we good with tides. Is this the right kayak. What time?? Hours of last minute planning morning conversationThe answer was Yes. Thanks Rob Garfield for leading the second leg. As we set out from the Green foot bridge at Iron Works Park. Other than Rob having somewhat of an idea. of what we were heading into. Being I’ve only paddled the Oxbow and not beyond.. Myself and Sue Margaret and Nancy Clayton had no idea what was to come.. I finally got to paddle a stretch of the the creek to Timbuctoo which included another round of tight obstacles of log jams and downed trees if done properly is a easy passage take the wrong pass and you may find yourself stuck in Timbuctoo. After as it widens and time of tide it could be a challenging travel to the confluence of the Creek towards the river. thank God as we arrived at the confluence were headed back upstrean to Lumberton with the tide. A 10 mile trip from My Holly to Lumberton based on the tide. a Awesome way to finish the day and weekend. #Artskayakadventurs #RCWT.
    Thanks again John Anderson for making travels easier.

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