National Water Trail Update

Update on NPS NWT review and prior to conference call on 16 May.

Updated spread sheet on RCWT landing list, river mileage, landowners, map of access points.

Fleshing out mileage, landings and such by 16 May. As for letters of support. They are all ready included in the application. Was told not to include
paid landings so will now flip and get those.

As for the ending of the RCWT w the Delaware River Tidal Water Trail. Rancocas ends on the Delaware River. There is a landing there so it’s included. This junction is
tangential to the start or finish of the RCWT, depending on the way one wants to paddle.

The 100 page Paddling Guide to the RCWT is being updated.

As for other issues:

A map that works….Burlco County Canoe details are sparse on sites and way points for paddlers. Burl Co folks have helped flesh out areas such as marl mines, old mills , rail crossings, barge sites and such.

Loose ends out in headwaters on access and support. That is being addressed.

Will place legend for landings all on the same page as maps. However and this really isn’t germane
but, other NWT have paddle trail booklets that have icons on the opening page and not every page. Will
correct and place icons on every page.

Timbuctoo has no landing so no need to include. As a way point that envelopes the Underground Railroad but of course.

Wanted to thank everyone for getting this far along.

Zap back any questions or concerns.

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