North Branch, Mill Race “Histology” Drop

.This is the weir at the top of the Mill Race, proper. Parking at Vets Office. (hence – histology). Don’t park there if the office is open. Parking is allowed over at the Mill Dam Park and Pine Street Fire House lots.

Histology is an exemplary, classic white-water chute below a classic ledge drop. Here one can work on and get comfortable with one’s basic, fundamentals of white-water paddling. low and high bracing. leaning downstream into white water compared w leaning upstream. (a helmet is highly recommended). finding the edge in a kayak in white-water. pulling eddy turns in white-water. reverse sweeps of paddle and forward sweeps. working the “main” and “secondary” outwash/outflow.

braces with and against water flow.

avoiding backwash and outwash from the “ledge” (weir). right and left kicks into the main chute. planning and carving white water waves. the higher the water levels of the creek the more extreme “histology” becomes.

w white water follow basic fundamental of safety. wear a PFD. Do not paddle allow. read the drop and area below the drop. leave a paddle plan. respect access. one can have lots of fun in a very nice shaded drop. the weir for sure mimics a white-water ledge drop. do not think your good enuff to paddle through the weir, proper.

this section of the creek is dangerous for paddlers w/o white water experience. if you want to try out white water zap a note along be glad to meet you there and other locations around mt. holly. “histology” is consistent. NO ROOM FOR ERRORS. good place to ease into white-water.

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