Dispruption: A Theory Worth Considering

Reviewing a report issued by McKinsey & Company on the role of “disruptive” business models got me thinking about the potential role of non-profits. This necessarily raises iquestions about the potential impact of the Rancocas Creek as a national water trail. While progress has been made in recent months with the NWT Initiative, there is always room for refinement which necessarily flows from the constructive input of fully engaged citizens and community-based organizations. This is particularly true of various recommendations that have urged a disruption of the status quo thinking that too often constrains our field of vision. Local communities throughout the Delaware River Valley can be the beneficiaries of ‘outside the box’ thinking by interjecting new ways of rediscovering various advantages accompanying NJ’s well-earned ‘Crossroads of the Revolution.’ Similarly, friends of Rancocas Creek can justifiably argue that it has long served as the veritable heartbeat running through the historic county seat of Burlington County from the earliest days of old West Jersey.

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