1941 Rancocas Creek Water Trail Map

1941 Trial Map, Rancocas Creek Water Trail

Some of the locals and old-timers out in Pemberton, after viewing the recent video, opened their files and repository of Rancocas Creek Water Trail heritage. As the central thesis of the Rancocas Creek Water Trail is heritage. No where else in NJ and for that matter in the Mid-Atlantic is it as well documented public access for leisure and recreation being documented back to the early 1700’s. Prior to this date Indians canoed the Rancocas, from the Pines to the Tide.

After the Civil War canoeing became a well defined activity. In the 1870’s NJ State’s Cartographer documented a 3 day paddle down the Rancocas. The American Canoe Association wrote up numerous paddles on the Rancocas in the 1880’s and 1890’s. Photo were taken as evidenced by the Canby Collection of black and white photos of people canoeing in and about the same era. The Appalachian Mountain Club photos bridged into the 1950’s.

Hacks’s Canoe Retreat in Mount Holly ran from 1900 to about 1975. The gem of all maps and photos is the 1941 Cawley Map of the Rancocas River. See enclosed. The 9-10 page trail guide found w the map is very descriptive of all the places to visit and tour along the Rancocas Creek Water Trail. mega tip of the hat to leetta tamn for helping bring this together.

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