Stewardship Melpine Landing

Stewardship is everyone’s responsibility. Access road to Melpine Landing is in deplorable condition. Driving across the causeway in any type of vehicle and or through the huge deep mud puddle (see photo) is counter-productive to maintaining vehicle access to Melpine Landing, Rancocas State Park, Rancocas Creek Water Trail. Driving down to the landing w trailer loads of kayaks and across the causeway is also counter-productive to keeping the access road user friendly. Large trucks and large number of vehicles crossing the puddle (mud-hole) and or driving out into the field to avoid ruts also counter-productive. The issue is under discussion in order to enhance access via the farm road. It is highly suggested folks use common sense and portage kayaks down to the Landing. Yes its a “pain”. However use the kayak ramp in Hainesport or Lumberton vs. Melpine for ease of access. The portage trail (the old wood road) is a wee bit overgrown. Keep an eyes wide open attitude and be careful on the portage back and forth to the landing. Further details will be posted on access. If anyone has any questions or concerns post away or zap me an e-mail.

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  1. Hi,

    I was looking on google maps for a kayak launch on the north branch beyond Mt. Holly and I discovered Melpine Landing. I went there today to check it out but I was sure where the actual “launch” was. Perhaps during high tide the water fills in or is one supposed to walk on the muddy bank?

    The property seemed in disarray overall and car access is “counter productive,” as you say. Is there any need for volunteers to help make this boat launch more accessible?

    1. hey ashley, indeed the landing is in disarray. State of NJ and Burl County get a poor grade for stewardship. The water can be drained on the roads and some other basic housekeeping by volunteers. we keep it informal. my text number is 609-456-9344. zap me a note will let you know when we get bfolks together. paddle on down, john

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