Kayaking and Dental Floss

Nothing worse then having a wet suit glove or bootie blow-out when out kayaking. Need a quick repair and duct tape just will not do it? We carry waxed dental floss w heavy duty needle. Stitch it back up. Paddling jacket rips, water pouring in…duct tape taint making de grade?. Waxed dental floss works wonder. Life-jacket blows apart? Waxed dental floss works well to pull back together. Well you get the picture…Waxed dental floss has many uses and utility. Consider to be part of one’s kit every kayaking trip and excursion. Knock a hole in your yak out in the middle of a paddle? No easy patch. “Fother” in a plastic bag held together w waxed dental floss. Looking to fix your tent, waxed dental floss. Looking to do a “Frostline” style parka kit…strongest threads needed…waxed dental floss. Dental floss is pure utility w 1001 places to use and apply.

More substantive repairs needed on your kayak. Patching holes, restoring rigging, resetting seat, summerizing or winterizing a kayak, ran the kayak over w a car, wrapped it around a snag, like to add electronics, want to rehab and restore your favorite kayak give Pathways a call or text. 609-456-9344.

Looking to put together a “kit” kayak from anyone of numerous company’s? We have seen it, or encountered it, or fixed it or repaired it at one time or another over the last 30 years. From simple straight-forward issues to complex. Give Pathways a call or text. 609-456-9344.

Pathways guides and workshop staff bring w them 25 plus years of professional and personal experience in working on kayaks, SUP’s, small vessels, electronics, soft-gear and hard-ware. Pathways works w owners to involve them in repairs and restorations as requested. Give Pathways a call for all your kayaking and outdoor gear servicing needs.

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