Rancocas Creek Tidal Energy Phase 1 Recon

Rancocas Creek tidal segment is a possible and highly probable untapped natural resource for tidal, hydro-power, geothermal, solar and wind energy. Historically tide mills were found at a few different locations along the Rancocas in early 1700’s. Water drove the Rancocas Creek Watershed Mill economy from man’s first incursions into the Watershed up into the early 1960’s. Alcott/Risdon in Mt. Holly in the 1870’s invented a vertical shaft horizontal water turbine, another powered Smithville’s mills. Navigation continued up into the 1920’s and more. Man captured Rancocas Creel tides for commerce. Today a renaissance of alternative energy opens the doors to alternative energy and creek side microgrids. As research advances further information will be posted. Please the enclosed presentation on alternative energy’s of NJ’s exemplary and historic Rancocas Creek

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