Pinelands Preservation Alliance, NJDEP and NJ State Parks Are Lost

NJ DEP and NJ State Parks Does Not Recognize, among others, Mt. Holly National Historic District, Timbuctoo Heritage Area, State of NJ Natural Area, Smithville Historic Village as being salient heritage and historic features and way-points along the Rancocas Creek . Areas outlined in red below. It is obvious they along w local Pinelands centric environmental groups need to spend time kayaking New Jersey’s Rancocas Creek Water Trail which is acknowledged by NJDEP and NJ State Parks. A trail that does not acknowledge salient way-points and natural features is nothing but a line on a map between different points on a map. Trails connect people to land areas and heritage. Trails bridge public access. Trails open up communities and enhance public access. Trails celebrate public input and civic engagement. The Rancocas Creek “Wishbone” connects to the Rancocas Creek main-stem and non-tidal segments of the Rancocas Creek Watershed. NJDEP and NJ State Parks fear and exclude public input into the process of the nomination as a National Water Trail one has to ask why? Trails are inclusive and not exclusive. It is time that the NJ Trails Council be disbanded in its current structure.

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