Phase 1 SBIR/STTR Grant application NEC Energy Quantum Network GIANT* General Independent Renwable Energy Network and Digital Twin

Memo: Phase 1 SBIR Grant application colleagues, NEC Energy quantum process GIANT* General Independent Alternative Energy Network and Digital Twin:

Gene forwards his regards. There is no clear answers yet to questions how this technology as we are proposing under the SBIR process will be
applied at the business, school, community, regulatory agency, consumer, etc…levels.  We are comfortable w suggesting when fully operational would fuse operational efficiencies and close  gaps in renewable energy networks and controls.

NEC Energy’s concept is hatched from a renewal energy business incubator accelerating traditional and meshing specific
computing tasks.blended into quantum analysis of quantum networks akin to a  data-center or (in Gene’s words) microgrids.

As such these centers, hubs, nodes are to be responsible for running ordinary processing and computations for specific inputs and
outputs for decided  commercial advantages and energy efficiencies. In all humbleness designing and developing the digital
twin quantum network is one of understanding of the difficulty upfront balanced w that of potential.

 NEC Energy Dendritic Eco-System Alternative Energy Network w associated sensors, quantum switches and repeaters
architecture forges a narrative of quantum computational complexity commercializing quantum advantages in renewal energy…

NEC Energy quantum process GIANT* General Independent Alternative Energy Network and Digital Twin:

1.  Designs unbreakable security codes nomenclature.
2.  Predicts  and analyze fluctuations of supply and demand for renewal energy platforms.
3.  Accelerates design and development of enhanced renewable energy platforms (for greatest efficiencies)
4.  Promotes artificial intelligence systems/micro-grids5.  Serves as a fulcrum to leverage partnerships, sponsorships.  
6.  Enhances collective inter-sectional environmentalism
7.  Dissects research and development.

There are other areas to be certain that are under cultivation. NEC Energy has proposed the opening of a memorandum of understanding that defines roles in the Phase! SBIR Grant Application: who does what;
collaborations w defined relationships; justification of processes, researching design and development along these lines.  Such document will facilitate any issues at a possible working group on the SBIR application and process might be synergy among interested and impacted stakeholders and is a step everyone welcomes

Be glad to address any questions and concerns,

I remain, respectfully,

John Anderson, R.N., Director
NEC Energy LLC Risdon Foundry 25 B Church Street Mt. Holly, NJ  08060 text:  609-456-9344

cc: Gene Johnson, NEC Energy, LLC.

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